When it comes to business, there is rarely any extra money just lying around. This means that when we need to upgrade a feature such as our preferred anti slip products, we tend to lean toward the most affordable option. However, it is important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and so it is worth balancing up the positives and negatives of different products to see which will give the best or longest service for the smallest price. It may be worth spending a bit extra if it means your floors will last for twice as long.

Perhaps the most thorough anti slip floor treatment is the ‘apply and wash off’ method done by professionals. Because it is properly applied, this has the added benefit of being guaranteed for at least five years of service. Unfortunately, the professional application can take a few hours, depending on the area to be covered, and can therefore be more expensive than other options. For businesses particularly concerned with employee/customer safety, it may be worth the extra money to ensure that your insurance in the event of an accident is still valid.

Other methods, primarily the non-slip coating layer application, is just as costly but not as reliable. Instead of being washed off and leaving behind the original surface but with more grip, this method leaves a layer of residue which itself has more grip. This may be fine for a year or two, but with heavy wear it will slowly begin to peel away. This traps moisture, germs and the bubbling up can be a slipping hazard in itself. This means that the professional costs involved are not worth the extra expenditure, as the product will be unusable in only a few short years.

Many people choose the DIY option purely to save on costs. Providing that the instructions on the label are carefully followed, this option can be effective and cheap at the same time. The products themselves are very affordable, and there is no labour cost for hiring professionals. There may be some cost involved in purchasing the application equipment if you do not already have access to it.

Ideally, a pressure sprayer is ideal that can give an even coating, and then apply a water rinse. Buying one of these could still be cheaper than having a professional do the job, and better yet you may be able to borrow one from a handy neighbour, or hire one from the treatment supplier. Research the options available to you if cost is really your primary concern. Take a few minutes to become acquainted with the sprayer, practicing outdoors on dry pavement to ensure you are providing an even coating.

Remember, that if you do need to resort to buying a new sprayer, that this can be used the next time you need to reapply the treatment. Better yet, many pressure sprayers can be adjusted to suit a wide range of uses, from roof cleaning to eradicating weeds in the garden.

The DIY treatment comes in three stages, beginning with pre-treatment preparation, then treatment and finally neutraliser to clear away any remaining residue and leave your floor safe to walk on straight away. Importantly, the pack also comes with a container of cleanser that is the best and most effective way to keep your floors in top condition. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the dependable anti slip products team at Step Solve at http://stepsolve.com.au/ for all of your products and services for premium non slip floors.