Grit coated panels and strips are a popular anti slip products choice. The granular texture is very effective in both wet and dry conditions, draining pools of water efficiently when wet and trapping dirt and debris at a lower level when dry.

These products have been designed in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate a large range of surfaces. They are particularly popular for stair nosings and landings, and can be purchased pre-made. Alternatively, if you have a large area that you would like covered, then you can either purchase a number of panels or ask the company to visit you on site, take a measurement and then custom prepare your individual panel.

As well as being flexible in design, these materials are flexible in the conditions they can deal with. The material is extremely durable, meaning that it can be used in almost any industrial setting to great effect, either in or outdoors. The major advantage that helps this product stand out above others in commercial and industrial settings is that it remains an excellent source of grip even in the presence of oil and grease. Many other anti slip products, such as spray on floor treatment, are effective in general and in wet conditions, but cannot handle grease as well, as this simply provides a slick top layer. With the grit coating structure, the oily substance simply sinks down beneath the level of the grains and is then drained away.

This is perhaps one of the most durable anti slip products no the market. It has passed high level chemical resistance tests, meaning that it can be used in anywhere from labs to hospitals. Furthermore, abrasion which will eventually wear down just about any surface covering is not a problem for this gritty texture. The small grains of metal can withstand constant foot traffic unlike any other surface, making it ideal for outdoor use or use on machinery pathways.

There are a couple of downsides to grit flooring, but there are also solutions to these issues. The first is in cleaning. Because of the gritty, textured surface, traditional cleaning techniques are not very effective. You can imagine that sweeping and mopping over this uneven surface would cause the tool to get stuck and the dirt and water would still be trapped below the granules. The upside is that there is a special commercial grade cleaner that has been specially designed to adequately clean this difficult surface. The chemical penetrates to where the dirt and bacteria are trapped and dissolves them. Residue is then easily washed off using a pressure sprayer.

The other downside that some people complain about is hardly relevant, and that is that the grainy texture can be painful for bare feet. This is not a domestic material, and is only really useful in commercial and warehouse or factory settings. In these contexts, walking barefoot is not appropriate, and so this should not be a problem. In some cases this metal material may be used in outdoor public spaces, but the simple solution is to wear shoes.

Grit coated flooring comes in a range of fluorescent and bright colours to ensure that there is a good contrast between it and the resto of the flooring. Because grit flooring is usually only used at the edge of steps and platforms, customers may wish to combine the product with a more general anti slip spray coating for the larger factory floor areas. Please get in touch with the expert anti slip products specialists at Step Solve at