As you know, the structural rivets are profitable, direct and easy to install, provide reliable and versatile solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. While screws, nails and bolts can be more common fastening solutions, avdel rivet gun can provide improved performance for, particularly difficult situations. But do you anything about rivets? Let’s glance once at that.

What are rivets (usually structural rivets)?

As per my knowledge, the rivets support cutting loads perpendicular to the axis of the shaft and are ideal for applications that involve complicated or limited access. Standard structural rivets have a smooth cylindrical shape with a head on one end and a tail on the other, although the design variations are almost limitless. Rivets or avdel rivet gun are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials,  then most rivets are installed with some type of pneumatic hammer, allowing reliable performance and easy installation.

Advantages of the rivet:

  • You can do the permanent clamping, which is ideal for particularly demanding environments and applications.
  • It is resistant and long-lasting, rivets can withstand waterproofing, high vibrations, complex material joints and much more.
  • The rivets are designed to offer great versatility, allowing them to be used to hold wood, metal, plastic and much more.
  • They are particularly suitable for bonding soft and thin materials and brittle connections.

What are the common applications of the structural rivet in the industry?

Some of the most common and everyday rivet applications include:

  • Fine metalwork and jewellery: decorative metallurgy, jewellery and complex machinery
  • Building and construction: gutters, fibreglass roofs, suspension belts, windows, doors, shutters, windshields and custom-made wall installations.
  • Woodwork and decorative finishes: signs, hinges, photo frames, furniture, drawers, handles and resistant wooden crafts.
  • Infrastructure and Transportation: bridges, overpasses and large-scale metal structures.
  • Aviation, aerospace and automotive industry: construction of aluminium and aluminium alloys, assembly of aircraft, joints of body panels of the vehicle and solid and ordered repairs for boats of all kinds.
  • Placing identification badges and signs

Identification plates and signs can be seen almost anywhere. The placement of plaques or signs on a wall can be done in many ways. In cases where there is the only access to one side of a structure, the blind rivets can be used as fasteners.

  • Fixings for wall or ceiling decorations

Some types of wall decorations require a strong bra for support. Framed images and framed paintings can easily fall off the wall without adequate support. Other decorations that can be fastened with a blind rivet include Halloween or Christmas lanterns, bas-reliefs and any other type of ornamental objects.

  • Place hinges

Hinges are used to join doors, windows, appliances, shelves and more. To place the hinges on a wall or surface, it is necessary to use screws or nails. Instead of screws, some people use blind rivets as a replacement.


There are many applications where the structural rivets are used, here I showed you some, but you can explore the websites who provide this type of avdel rivet gun and at the right time you can purchase.