Love the flooring “I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.” The parquetry is a geometric mosaic of wood that is mostly used for decoration purpose for flooring. Parquetry flooring installation Melbourne come with different types of patterns that often entirely geometrical and angular such like squares, triangles, lozenges, herringbone and many more. Popular motifs were chevrons, zigzags, sunbursts, triangles, squares and Egyptian symbols. Moreover angular, geometric patterns were normally seen on carpets, area rug, drapes, bed linens and upholstery.

Different colour flooring

The home design that is the consideration of the impact for different wood floor’s colour that will have on adjoining room and hallways. Where in other areas like the living room, dining room and hall or even the whole house is having parquetry flooring Melbourne with lots of colour palettes of wood flooring? Selection of colour may change a bit, that is depending on the texture of the floor. Where hardwood flooring with normal shades of light to dark which can take on a lighter or even more darker tone in the same area as each strip that could easily set in the place with unique flooring outfit.

They are parquetry flooring installation Melbourne for the different surface that could be like hand scraped look at gloss stage. Normally hardwood floors are usually divided into three different categories that are plank flooring, strip flooring and parquet flooring. Where parquet style hardwood floors are known through parquetry and this takes place for smaller pieces of timber are arranged in a geometrical fashion for creating unique and beautiful flooring. Overall timber used can be all the time same or different to create a more colourful effect.

Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

Eco-friendly bamboo flooring

Strip flooring is common in the bamboo floor installation Melbourne that has hardwood floors which is most popular at the current time for flooring. Where bamboo has its own gained a reputation as an eco-friendly and highly renewable source of material. The bamboo is classified as a grass and it is the fastest growing plant on the earth and also used in different fields for a different purpose. That is the number of species of bamboo whit the primary species that are used in manufacturing flooring sheets with the move with unique and wonderful plywood for flooring.

The use of bamboo flooring is the benefit to a natural floor that could increase property value. The remarkable beauty of a bamboo is so unique that it could not be compared to any other floor installation that is based on aesthetical, properties of the bamboo material in combination with restoration and preservation of forest that could have marketing hardwood material.


On changing the environment and impact that is related to a climate with the major environment where parquetry flooring installation Melbourne has no mechanical joins and have adhered using that can easily reduce materials that are required been fixed with plywood. Parquetry flooring Melbourne that is available with the number of colours for décor the home that catches the eye and looks attractive.

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