While buying the Pallet Wrappers, it could be quite difficult to understand how well the machinery would cope in the factory till you see it in function. By then, it may be quite late to face any issues which might rise.

How to choose Pallet Wrappers?

Pallet Stretch Wrap

  1. Firstly you will have to ensure that you select the right pallet wrapping machinery for the products as well as the production process. Will you need fully automatic pallets wrapping machinery to be constructed into production line so that the load of the products is powered on the pallet wrapped, in film and powered off automatically? Or you are looking for a simpler and cheaper model where the semi-automatic pallet wrapper would surface? Fully automatic pallets wrapping machine is more suitable for high throughout production’s environment.
  2. You need to make sure that the Pallet Stretch Wrap you use for packing your products are suitable to be used with pallet wrapper. It could be quite disastrous and also embarrassing for getting the machine in the factory for finding if the pallet is a true fit or not.

Since the pallets are available in different sizes and shapes it would be best to let a potential supplier to know about the size you would like to use. They would advise you accordingly. Particularly, they would also like to know all the dimensions of the largest pallets, highest stack of the products which would be kept in the pallet and general weight.

  1. Speak to a potential supplier for seeing if it’s at all possible to get trial with the products. Or if he can even give you the machine for one week so that you may see how it works with the products.
  2. You need to aware of the companies who negotiate the pricing. Everyone likes getting something for bargaining price but also you need to be very extra diligent while checking the suitability of the Carton Sealing Machine.
  3. You should even confirm the type of warranty period the company would give you with the machinery, the recommended served interval, etc. The industry standards warranty period for simple pallet wrap machine would be about 12 months. It’s very important to get it in writing to the effect when you buy the machinery. It’s also worth discussing how often it’s recommended to get the servicing done.

By following these extremely helpful hints you will get a better understanding of questions to be asked from the potential Omni Packaging Company.

You may search the internet for finding the best pallet wrapping Machine Company. You may even check the testimonials and reviews of the previous clients to know about the quality they offer.


There are a lot of Pallet Stretch Wrap companies in the market today. But it is quite difficult to find an efficient company which would offer you good quality product. But there are certain tips which may be followed to find an efficient company.