Pergolas and arbours are 2 main types of the garden structures which may greatly contribute to overall design of the landscape.The arbours and pergolas adelaide add that element of interest to the garden and the yard by drawing the eyes upward. Whether ornamental or functional, there are a number of ways in which you may utilise such structures for enhancing the landscape design.

Why Should you go for Pergolas?

Like a lot of other gardeners, you might be thinking, what’s exactly the difference between a pergola and an arbour? While there is not consensus as such on this, usually an arbour is small structure with arched top, generally standing 6 ½ to approximately 9 feet tall. The arbours are placed over the walkways or the gate of the fencing. On the contrary, Adelaide Pergolas


Have flat top which is perpendicular directly to the sides on which it rests. They may vary in size from very small to just cover the walkway to large ones for spanning across the deck or the patio.

Choosing Ornamental or the Functional

There are different types of pergolas which are available in the market. The 2 main types of pergolas include purely ornamental or functional. In case you are using the arbour for some functional purpose, you should consider adding a swing or a bench for creating a cosy corner for sitting and getting a good experience of your garden.

Uses and Purpose of Large Pergolas

The large Adelaide Pergolas may be used as overhead cover for the patio or the deck. While top of the arbour of the pergola would not help in keeping the rainwater, it may be designed for casting the much required shade on the outdoor sitting area. The pergolas and arbours which have lattice sides as well as tops may even provide supporting structure for the vines and the climbing plants.

You may consider planting the climber plants such as honeysuckle, clematis, trumpet vines at base of the pergola or the arbour for creating a good looking floral focal-point on the landscape.

Materials Used in Arbour or Pergola

The materials used for Decking & Pergolas may vary greatly and may also include vinyl, wood or metal. For determining what’s best for your landscape you should carefully consider the advantages as well as the disadvantages of every material type as per your needs and situation.

Wooden pergolas

Wooden pergolas lend a natural as well as rustic look to the pergola or arbour and may be painted or even stained early changing its appearance. Wood is generally considered to be quite cost effective. However, it would not last as much as vinyl or metal would.