For the sleep- apnea users, any discomfort with Resmed Cpap Machines is the main reason why people don’t adhere to the therapy. In the ResMed machines, the comfort of the users for the purpose of continuity of the CPAP therapy is the main concern. This is also reflected in designs of these machines as well as masks.

However, just like with the technical equipment and devices, the CPAP masks and machines whether this brand or any other brand, needs timely repair as well as maintenance. Often, when you feel that your device isn’t working properly, you may try the below mentioned very simple and quick troubleshooting steps for resolving the matter.

  • Correcting the air pressure

Calibration of pressure for the Resmed Cpap Machines is done by the healthcare advisor. However, if there are just minor issues, then there are some steps that you may take. Firstly, you need to inspect condition of tube which supplies air. Has it been bent or if it has holes which might cause leakage.

You might also have to check if the tube or the hose is connected to your machine properly. You also need to check the connection between tubing and the CPAP machine. If there are any loose connections, then you may tighten them for ensuring sealing.

Any kind of leakage at place where the joint is might lead to an issue in overall pressure.

  • Ensuring optimum pressure delivery

Just check with the distributor about the wide range as well as options he has suiting you needs. You need to keep in mind that even the features like bears, facial bone structures, etc. would have their effect on fit of the mask you would purchase. The distributor may even help you in choosing a particular mask like nasal pillow or a gel cushioning mask on the basis of your needs and the type of sleep apnea you are suffering from.

  • Checking for the filters

You need to make sure that the air filter in your machine is properly clean as well as unclogged. When needed, you should clean them for finding out more about the regular maintenance and for carrying out the service for the machine and the mask.

  • Replacing the parts

You also need to check if the ResMed CPAP machines and masks are showing signs of damage. Also, you should check if you have to replace them. This brand offers sound technical assistance for the machine and you may check if you think your machine would not work properly. If you have to carry out the replacement of your machine, you need to ensure that you insist on genuine device.


In case you are using Resmed Cpap Machines, then you will have to regularly keep an eye on your machine. If it is showing any signs of damage, then you should check it properly. If it is capable of being repaired then get it done or else get it replaced.