Sun is the main source for energy on the planet and sunlight could be converted into electricity directly with the help of the Solar Panels Ballarat. Electricity has now become an indispensable part of life. It helps in empowering the machines which most of us employ regularly.

The components

The solar panels are generally manufactured from 6 main components i.e. the photovoltaic cells or the solar cells that generate electricity, glass that covers as well as protects solar cells, frame that offers rigidity, back sheet where solar cells are connected, junction box where wiring is enclosed as well as connected and encapsulate that serves as adhesive.

Since most of the people do not have an access to the equipment for developing the solar panels, it’s important to keep in mind that these 6 components are required for planning the materials required for creating do it yourself or the homemade solar panels.

The materials that are needed for making the solar panels should be available to buy locally and shouldn’t exceed cost of the new panels.

Solar Panels Ballarat


Glass helps in protecting PV cells while letting optimum sunlight pass through. These are generally made from anti reflective materials. Tempered glasses are the first choice of people these days. The new manufacturers are still the ones who employ flat plate on the Solar Panels Ballarat. A tempered glass is created by thermal or chemical means and it’s much stronger than the plate glass which makes it very expensive.

The manufacturers use tempered glass for mass production of the solar panels. For the DIY enthusiasts, using Plexiglas us suggested. You can also use acrylic glass that’s safer than regular glass from the local hardware shop. It’s a little expensive as compared to the regularly glass but its weather resistant and doesn’t break so easily. The Plexiglas could even be screwed to the frame.


Frames are generally made from anodised aluminium that offers structure as well as rigidity to solar module. The aluminium frames are designed for being compatible with the Solar Panels Installations Ballarat.

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The frames in the factory made solar panels are generally the aluminium part where the 4 sides of solar panels are inserted. You just need to think of it as skeletal frame in rectangular shape. Solar panels are composed of 4 components and they are layered as well as laminated from top to the bottom. The DIY solar panels use the wood frame and the final result would definitely be something good to look at where picture is solar cell glued to nonconductive board, glass for Plexiglas topmost cover and wood part as back sheet and frame.

Using solar panels is quite useful as it helps in saving electricity.


Solar Panels Ballarat helps in saving electricity. It is a very eco-friendly option and thus more and more people are choosing it. You may even prepare them at home. On the contrary you can also buy them from the manufacturers.