Since ages women have been using the artificial means for enhancing the look of their eyes with the help of Eyelash Products. Throughout the Victorian era employing mascara has become a trend and during 1916 false lashes was discovered. A present improvement in the real enhancement of eyelashes of women is invention of the eyelash extensions.

Difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extension

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False eyelashes are basically reproduction of eyelashes on the base which is glued to eyelids around the bottom of eyelashes. They may be removed easily and they are just short-term improvement for enhancing the look of the eyelashes.

A weight of the Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

The eyelash extension weight virtually very less and thus there are very less chances that the eyelid would be exhausted.

What is eyelash extension made of?

Eyelash extension may be developed of organic actual human hair, synthetic fibres, manmade fibre, mink hair, etc. Most commonly found Eyelash Extension Kit is made of either mink hair or manmade fibre.

How to put on the eyelash extension?

An efficient and experienced beautician would look at the eyelashes very carefully for choosing the ones which are most likely to offer stable foundation for extension. Every single eyelash extension pair if applied to the current eyelash hair with glue. Every eyelid needs approximately 50-100 extensions for creating eyelashes which look real.

How to care for it?

During the initial 24 hours it’s very important to prevent any kind of contact with anything wet especially water since the glue bonds the extension on the natural eyelash needs to properly set. Refrain from using oil-based makeup or makeup removers as the oil would weaken glue.

How frequently these eyelash extensions have to be removed?

The eyelash extension may last till the hair of the person which they are attached to remain on the eyelid. The natural eyelashes stay usually for approximately 40 days. Since eyelash extension is attached to the hair in the eyelashes they aren’t going to stay forever. It’s recommended by the beauty experts that a small touch up should be performed every 3-4 days.

Can an individual go swimming while the eyelash extensions are on?

It is suggested to keep it away from water for at least first 24 hours of application so that the glue bonds correctly to the natural lash.

How to remove the extension?

The Eyelash Products can be easily taken off by any trained professional. You can remove it on your own to but it can be a little time consuming and could demand a lot of attempts before it’s removed.

Will they affect the eyes or the natural eyelashes?

Until and unless an individual is allergic to fibre, it would not have any side effects.


Women have been using artificial Eyelash Products since ages to enhance the look of their eyes. But there are certain things that you should know about these products which are important for their proper application and use.

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