Being comfortable and cosy in your Camo Pants is very important. Wearing soggy clothing from rain, sweat, snow, wadding or puddles is flat out wrong. This system would help in keeping the body extremely warm when it is cold and cold when it is warm, dry while you sweat and totally dry when it is raining.

The beauty of the system in particular is that it helps people in making changes on the basis of the activity level and the weather conditions. It’s used by the mountain climbers, hunters and the hikers alike and thus you don’t need to worry. The camo clothes would work well with this particular system.

With advancement in technology has an advanced layering has become very easy. It could be broken up in 3 main parts i.e. base layer, mid layer and the outer shell. Each and every layer has a particular purpose with the high tech material for serving them.

  • Base layer

It’s the next to the skin layer. The camo shirts camo thermos and socks fall in this category. This layer mainly helps in regulating the temperature of the body more than the shifting the moisture from the body. Perspiration makes the body chilled or damp irrespective of how dry the outer layers would keep you. Keeping the dry base layers is very important in order to stay cool during summers and avoiding hypothermia during winters.

You should avoid cotton clothing such as plague. It helps in capturing moisture. You would feel uncomfortable during summers and might get chills during winters. Good base layers material have below characteristics:

The material helps in absorbing some percentage of the weight of moisture keeping you dry. This signifies that they mainly act for retracting moisture from the skin and help dry it out quickly.

The fibres of the material are light in weight and durable.

They’re treated for reducing the tendency of smelling as well as itching because of body odour or fungi.

Camouflage Jacket

  • Mid layer

This is the insulating layer. The responsibility of this layer is to develop a layer of the dead air in between the body and outside air. It helps in keeping the body warm.

  • Outer layer

This is the direct contacting layer. It’s the sole layer of the Camouflage Jacket Women’s which comes in direct contact of outside world. It needs to perform 3 main functions.

First is to offer protection from water as well as wind. In case moisture seeps in, the system could be compromised.

Secondly, get rid of the moisture of the body. The outermost layer need to finish what the initial 2 layers started. Thirdly, you need to protect yourself from the scraped and outside damage.


Camo Pants are very good for keeping the body dry. They help in keeping the body dry from moisture and sweat. They have layers of material which absorb the moisture and keep the body dry and free from moisture.

Source: When do you need Camo Pants?