There is nothing like water damage, to put you in a serious situation!!! Not only will you lose days of productivity, but you could also find yourself repairing valuable equipment. Sometimes the situation is so serious, only and only water damage restoration Adelaide Company can help you!!!

Why should you know the causes of water damage?

Water damage occurs when excess water begins to accumulate in areas, and there are many different factors can create this excess water and, therefore, contribute to water damage. If you are aware of some water damage causes, you can take precautions to help ensure a leak or flood.

You can also detect a problem when you cut it off before it creates some additional damage. The sooner you notice the problem, the less work you will have to solve the water extraction and the water damage restoration company.


A list: Causes of Water Damage

  • Problems with the plumbing system
  • Leaking pipes
  • Areas prone to water collection, such as a basement
  • Defective appliances
  • HVAC problems
  • Natural disasters, calamities and other water problems

Elaboration of the Causes of Water Damage

  1. Equipment Fault

As you have more equipment in your home, the leaking and fault are always there. Whatever the equipment like Air conditioners, water heaters or anything that has the tubes, pipes, gaskets or filters to operate have the potential for leakage.

The best thing to solve this, you have to do is to regularly check and maintain your equipment.

  1. Leaking Pipes

Pipes can be broken and leak and these are common causes of water damage. If you consider the other damage – Drains and toilets, build up and block can cause undue pressure in the pipeline, causing it to break or leak. Old or rusted pipes are also more likely to leak.

  1. Roofing Problems

First of all, make sure that  roof is in good condition and if you have a pond up there, your drain does not work effectively. So, remember that every inch of water weighs about five pounds.

If any kind of the damage in your perimeter, you can check everything in your roofs such as drains, gas lines, pipes and other security measures.

  1. Plumbing Problems

Sometimes some plumbing problems you can’t see but it may occur within the walls, and it will be impossible to detect. Consider the hoses and joints of the pipes are not completely connected.

  1. Natural Problems

Natural disasters can cause untold water damage to your home and business. You cannot control the nature,  can control how prepared you are for the damage. All you can do to keep the minimum damage, you can call the water damage restoration Adelaide company before any disaster come and destroy everything.


You may want to consider  a risk assessment and adding flood insurance if you are in an area where the risk higher. There is no way to completely abrogate the risk of water damage in your facilities, but knowing the common causes you will be sure for the solution.