The maintaining hardwood floor is a difficult task. But it can become very easy if you do it properly and very carefully. The floorings ask for very minimum maintenance and usually last for a very long-time.

While clean wood flooring wools make your house look even bigger and appealing, grime and dirt would be the biggest enemies of hardwood floorings and they may also cause a lot of scratches on the floor.

Floor polishing can be one option for you to clean the floor.

Tips for cleaning your hardwood flooring

  • Mop and dirt – mopping your hardwood flooring with the help of a dampen mop is the most efficient as well as a quick way of cleaning the ground. You need to keep in mind that for removing the dust from the surface you either need a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Post that you just need to mop the floor with water.
  • Hardwood cleaners- a lot of wood surface cleaners are there in the market. Any neutral wooden floor cleaner along with water would be good to be used on all types of sealed wooden floorings. You need to look for the worn out areas. You should not use water as it might cause some warping.
  • Polish- floor polishing Adelaide can easily add an extra luster to the floor when it starts looking dull. But you need to know that very frequent usage of polish or grease may cause some issues with the adhesion in case you need to recoat the flooring.
  • Oil and white vinegar- oil and white vinegar are the ages old remedy for getting that extra shine on the hardwood floor. Just take some vinegar and add it to the water so that a solution is created. Now spray this mix on the dusted floor and then mop it. You should not use extra water as this might spoil the wood floor.
  • Steel wool- the stains are the most common problem which most of the floors face. Then whether it is a tiled floor, a hardwood floor or a carpeted one. You can employ steel wools for removing most of the stains from the hardwood. You can also add a little amount of alcohol with the help of steel wools for removing the stains.

Dirt, grime and sand are the biggest enemies of hard wood. Every time an individual steps on these particles they work just like sandpaper. The wood in turn gets the beating on its finish. All the above mentioned techniques are quite helpful for maintaining the hardwood flooring and keeping it clean on a regular basis.

Also the materials mentioned are easily available either at our homes or at the local vendor.


There are a lot of techniques for cleaning the floor, but the best one is floor polishing. This not just cleans the floor, but also brings a nice shine to the floor. With time the floor starts losing its shine. Polish helps it in getting its shine back.