I am a traveller, and blogger too. I always find the places to visit and for that, I need comfortable walking sandals. Just like, I already tried the flip-flops, sneakers, luxury heels and also slip resistant shoes for women... It was too easy to pack too much and prepare for any scenario that the world could have thrown at me.

I have often found myself visiting warm weather as well as slippery destinations and I have wondered how I can find a pair of sandals or shoes for that take me from the days to explore the streets, to keep me steady.

I have gathered ideas on the subject of walking sandals of boots in this guide to help you choose the right sandal, plus some options on the market today that are perfect for travelling.

I did many unforgettable trips such as visiting famous monuments eating good food and doing walks. And forgot to tell you, the shoes I was wearing felt heavy and my feet were hurting a lot. Since then I have decided not to wear the heels or not that type of the shoe are not flat.

Factors to consider before buying shoes to travel

There are so many things you should consider for the travel and here are some of them:

leather walking sandals

  1. Straps

If you have too thin strap then you may have red marks on your toes. If you are wearing too thick and could also have used a shoe closed with socks then it is the perfect configuration you should wear for the travelling purpose.

There is not any trick to find the right style for your feet, but brands like Propet which allow you to create the custom standard.

  1. Purpose

Sometimes purpose matters. So, maybe a classic leather sandal with an insole is the best way to spend long days, or sports shoes will definitely help you. If you classify yourself as a more traveller, look for strappy sandals that keep your feet comfortably fit.

  1. Material

While leather looks beautiful, but it is not as practical as the sport and synthetic materials. That allows it to breathe at your feet and, often, have anti-odour technology. If you are going to alternate between sandals and other shoes, sandals made of natural materials such as leather or jute work well.

  1. Shape

In shape like any other shoe, your sandals should fit your feet like your feet. If you find the size too big and you can risk flying above your feet. If you find small and could end up with the other work after a few hours of use. The width of the shoe is equally important.

Final thought,

comfortable sandals for travel

After all, you have to once try the shoes or sandals, the new sandals always hurt your feet. Always consider the comfortable walking sandals for your travel.

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