I always seek the best pair of footwear for me, my hubby, and my cute daughter because I believe, shoes reflect your personality. A perfect pair of Comfortable walking shoes has the ability to give you confidence, attention, charm, and power to complete the task with self-satisfaction. In a world full of critics, you’ll obviously look for people who appreciate you & fuel up your energies in the right direction.

Although, footwear varies in style, occasion, taste-to-taste, person-to-person, and generation too. A wrong pair selection can ruin your entire look and make you dumb or unmodern. Thus, choose a right pair on the right occasion to reflect your style, fashion, and uniqueness to the world. If you’ve tracking plan then buy lightweight shoes for travel to make the journey comfortable and if you’re having your first date, wear comfortable heels to spread charm. Not satisfied yet? The guide is all yours, go through it & buy a complete footwear!

Choose a sensible shoe pair

lightweight shoes for travel

Whenever you decide to choose to buy a pair of shoes, you should always prioritize comfort over style. Because if you choose a stylish one but you aren’t comfortable with then your shoes invest is totally unworthy as throughout the party or occasion you’ll feel uncomfortable or under-confident which impact adversely. First of all, determine for what occasion you are buying the shoes or heels. For regular wear, you should choose light and comfortable shoes. If you love wearing heels then opt for a wide-heeled pair with a maximum heel height of 2 inches although, you can go for platform heels too.

Before buying, verify your shoe size

I know, I know… this may sound foolish but there are few people who don’t know about their actual feet size. As a child, you always ensure measuring your feet size and you may think it remains constant with time but it won’t. Your feet become longer and wider with the age. Thus, it is great to check your shoe size every two years. Don’t forget checking whether it fits & make you comfortable or not.

The twist is, shoe sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it also changes depending upon the style. If a shoe catches your eyes then try it on and see how it fits your foot. Don’t forget to try both shoes. Because there can be complications as for some people one foot is slightly larger than another so in this case, you’ll have to tell your manufacturer or buy an appropriate pair.

Do shopping at an appropriate time

Well, time also play a vital role when making a shoe purchase. The best time to buy shoes is late in the afternoon or early in the evening. Scientific reason behind this is, feet tend to swell during the day and it is at their largest during the afternoon.


walking shoes for problem feet

I hope, now onwards you’ll prioritize comfort over style and buy Comfortable walking shoes but don’t be boring. Choose a pair that suits your personality and represent you out of the crowd. Be unique!

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