Hello Girls, Ladies, Women!!!

I know this is like the serious topic but many of people are confused about the breast implants Melbourne surgery, and I am here to write and answer what are the problems or issues you are facing or I faced…

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People asked me to write an update on my breast augmentation Melbourne surgery, since it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve had them and has tons of questions related to going back to work after surgery, also for the pregnancy, breastfeeding and so many things!!!

On August 2015, I have undergone the surgery and it is my original story and you know I went from the large A to small cup CC.  A TON has changed over the years, but I am still satisfied with them and with the decision I made.

First of all, you may have one question,

Why did I Prefer the Implant?

I chose to get breastimplants after my weight loss.  Because, weight loss left me with loose, loose, breasts and I wanted some tight and curves back to my body.

And for that, my doctor told me these things to do.

  • After the breast implant or augmentation surgery, I have to rest more than the usual because it is a major trauma for the body.
  • I don’t have permission to do any upper body exercise for almost two weeks.

That was it. Apart from that, he told me: if it feels weird, do not do it; if it feels good, do not worry about that.

Now Coming on the Problems Regarding the Breastfeeding and Pregnancy,

Ok… So now in breastfeeding and implants. When it came to receiving implants, I was not worried at all, and my surgeon says that would not affect my ability to do breastfeeding.  I spoke specifically so many doctors about this and they all told me that if I went under the armpit and muscle then I would be ready, and then…

breast implants Services

Although I am entering the second delivery with the baby and, I am still breastfeeding my small child.

  • The breast looks more natural than ever and also I feel good.
  • They are not so round, but softer than that and I love them.
  • They are cheerful and they look great.
  • I would say that pregnancy and lactation help me.

I felt pain as well when it was healing and I won’t tell you to lie. I remembered the experience of the continuous pain for at least a month and one day it was disappeared.  And, finally, about six months after the operation, they began to look better.


I did not do any exercise till 12 weeks after surgery and after 2-3 days I able to work.  It took quite a while for my chest to feel normal.Now I can do any type of exercise without any pain, discomfort or strange feelings. I will not recommend doing exercise immediately but still, I am not a breast implants Melbourne doctor, so ask your doctor first and spoke them specifically the main surgeon…