Answer me frankly, how many hours do you spend while gardening? Are you plant-lover? Or you hate spending your time while doing garden activities. Well, garden maintenance services Melbourne is quite a frustrating job but if you are a nature lover, you surely love spending time in pampering plants & nurturing trees. Although gardening is a much-loved activity, due to our busy lifestyles, many of us don’t have the time to beautify outdoor spaces. So how exactly can you give the garden attention it deserves & requires?

Are we lapse in nurturing them? Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Melbourne Eastern Suburbs both focus on cultivating and maintaining beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. These areas include large acreages, like golf courses, park courses, and small backyard gardens. However, the difference between landscaping and gardening is quite distinct. So, here I share something outstanding to keep your garden blossom throughout the span.


Do watering

1) Keep flowers moist by watering one or two times a week

2) Remember this, it’s better to water plants in the evening or early in the morning when the soil is cooler, as less will evaporate than during the warm day

3) Avoid watering leaves or plant heads to avoid mold formation and water gently in a way to avoid damage.

4) Also, go for the irrigation system if you are away a lot. With a water control, they can regulate the moisture amount in the soil so can let more or less depending upon how the soil feels.

Lawn services

1) Don’t forget to protect your lawn from hot weather & temperature of up to 26°C will promote the growth but anything above 30°C will sting growth. If the temperature rises, then you should be careful by avoiding the grass cutting too short and instead of leaving it standing at about five centimeters, which will protect them from the sun and prevent the soil from drying out.

2) Although, an ideal time to water the grass is 4-8am so you can enlist a water computer control system to water your garden during these unsociable timings.

3) During the lawn watering, use 10-15 liters of water per square meter as a guide and keep in mind that over-watering can lead to mold formation. So don’t overdo.

Weed Care

1) To protect the growth of the weed you should plant beds densely to minimize the space available for weeds to develop.

2) Use mulch to prevent weed seeds from sprouting

3) If there is a threat of attacking existing weeds, you should remove the source. And reach to the roots by using a weeding trowel.

Soil Testing

1) It’s important to ensure that you use the best soil for the garden and the best way to check out where yours measures up is to perform a soil test and discover its pH level.

2) There is soil testing kit available at most gardening or home improvement stores. So you should invest in that and within minutes of testing, you’ll learn both your soil’s pH and nutrient levels.


As a garden-lover, Garden Maintenance Melbourne is the most important part of my life so I’ve shared a blog. Hope, you like it and will share with your mates. Thanks for love!

Source: Few Simple Tips On Garden Maintenance Melbourne