Do you want to make your home a better place to live? Start it with the right roof restoration in Melbourne. Follow the below tips to make your roof weatherproof in any location.  

  1. Firstly, study what is the weather in your location?

To protect your home from changing weather conditions, you need to study the weather of your location first. Some cities might experience a spike in temperature while others might have a little drop in the temperature entire year. You can research the weather behaviour of your area online or by using some old newspapers. You can also consult your local weather forecasting agency for providing you with the right details.

  • Cool Roof

If you live in the area where it’s hot most of the months of a year, you need a cool roof. By cool roof, we mean that the roof colour will be light. This is because light roof colours reflect sunlight and decrease 50-100 degrees of the temperature. You can also go for cool-coloured tiles for making your home less hot in the summers or the entire year.

  • Say ‘yes’ to eco-friendly roof

Imagine having paintings of homes with greenery on the roof in our childhood books? We are talking about something like this here. Green roofs cut the carbon emission and work as natural insulators, which is suitable for both cold and hot homes. Such roofs reduce water run-off as the droplets are diverted before even reaching to the roof’s surface and diverted right into the gutters.

  • Wind Roof

Natural disasters such as a hurricane can strike the houses hard. To protect your home in such situations, you need a windproof roof. Even if your area hasn’t faced nay hurricane or cyclones in the past 10 years, there still are chances of getting one. Truss bracing is useful for making roofs impact-resistant. Also, focus on the doors and windows as they can break easily with heavy wind. Invest in strong and windproof windows and doors so that you can get a strong home along with the roof.   

  • Fireproof Roof

This is something that can happen to anyone and at any time. The non-flammable roofing will protect your home from getting damaged during a bushfire or house fire. The non-flammable materials are made of steel, tiles, and asphalt shingles. This is the right way to keep your place fully equipped to handle hot summer days when a bushfire is normal especially in the tropical areas. 

  • Don’t let the Ice to build-up

Ice can damage your roof on a higher level. If you overlook the ice build-ups, your roof might even leak and lead to various hazards. To prevent mould, property damage, and unhealthy indoor, it’s preferable for choosing water-repellent material for your roof. Along with that, you can also buy de-icing lay cable to put it on the top of the gutter, shingles, and downspouts. 

That’s how you can protect your roof and entire home from the wrath of the climate.

So take a note of the above information and make your home safe with the right roof restoration in Melbourne.

Do it now!   

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