Timber Flooring Adelaide is a smart and stylish choice for your home or office. It can be used in almost any room, and it offers many benefits over other options, such as carpet, laminate, and vinyl. If you are planning to install timber flooring on your property, here are seven reasons why you should consider doing so:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Timber floors are a classic choice, the epitome of style and sophistication. The rich tones of timber add warmth to any room, making it feel more inviting. This is why timber floors are often seen in modern homes as well; they add a touch of elegance without being too ‘overdone.’

Timber Flooring Adelaide

Long Lasting & Durable

Timber Flooring Adelaide is a natural material, and as such, it is remarkably durable. It is able to withstand wear and tear without warping or cracking and does not need to be painted or sealed. This makes timber flooring a very smart choice for your home’s interior design because you will have a floor that lasts for years to come!

Hypo-Allergenic & Healthy

Timber floors are hypo-allergenic and healthy, making them a smart choice for allergy sufferers. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals, unlike other flooring materials like vinyl and plastic, which can emit chemicals that irritate your nose and lungs.

Timber is a natural material that’s friendly to animals and humans alike. It also has an immense carbon footprint compared to other flooring options, as trees take many years to grow before they can be harvested for timber products such as floorboards.

Timber floors are warm and comfortable underfoot, perfect for those who want to keep their house cosy during winter months or enjoy relaxing barefoot in front of the fire after work!

Easy to Install & Repair

The best thing about Timber Flooring Adelaide is that it can be installed by DIYers. If you have a small team of family members or friends to help, then you can get the job done in no time at all. In fact, most people are able to install their own timber floors without any professional help at all!

As well as being an excellent choice for those who would like to save money on labour costs, installing your own timber floors also means that you will be able to completely customize your decor according to your own style preferences.

Wide Range of Designs and Colours

The range of colour and design options means you can choose a floor that will suit your home. For example, you may prefer to go with a darker wood colour if you have a large number of windows in the room or want to create a modern look. If your home is more traditional and has high ceilings, then lighter timbers will work best.

There are also many different types of timber flooring, including Oak, Maple and Ash – all with their own characteristics that lend themselves well to different room types:

  • Oak is known for its durability as well as its appearance; it’s one of the most popular choices for both homes and commercial properties because of this.
  • Maple has a softer look than oak but still offers excellent value for money due to its durability over time.
  • Ash has an attractive grain pattern when finished, which makes this type perfect for rooms where timber cladding already exists.


The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a stylish, durable and healthy flooring solution, timber is the way to go. It’s easy to install and repair, it has a wide range of designs and colours available, plus it has all the benefits listed above.