Age move on with time! We come with your lifestyle, your goal, in our home! Many of work as a specialist age care in Glen Waverley, where the care come with love and respect. We are the most trustful and respected provider of residential aged care Glen Waverley.

We work with you to get yourself comfortable that promote the things that help you to move on life easily and joyfully that matters you the most, so it’s easy for you to have a life that you wish with full comfort of your own home.

Life is all about the choices that you make to make yourself happy and comfortable and come with few important than we make when home more caring for our loved ones. But at the same time having so many options can make confusing for choosing the perfect one.

Vermont Aged Care in

Things that make you happy at age care

  • Coach outing
  • Happy hours
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Celebratory meals
  • Salon
  • Garden
  • Families speaking

Services that age care provide:

  • Domestic support
  • Personal care
  • After hospital care
  • Respite care
  • Palliative care
  • Comprehensive care
  • Dementia care

With the strong focus on strong community relationship, aged care Donvale offers comfort and care with safety in an environment natural, with the help of natural element nearby us. The best features are an array of bright and comfortable living area and style with the central courtyard with the room of comfort and relax with entrainment.

Food quality we provide.

We are pride for serving fresh and best quality of seasonal choice of food at every meal with the help of doctor dietician. We know very well the requirement of food to input at your body and strive to make it sure protect and help to keep your body at the best level as much level possible.

 The best place that we have found for getting everyone at one place is the coffee club where it brings residents, friends, volunteers and family member at one place together for refreshing with the cup of coffee and mind freshen with cakes and biscuits. You can get enjoyment regular cultural days, where you can easily and perfect food from all around the world.

Aged Care Services in Donvale

Well balanced and nutritious meals are freshly prepared and cooked on the side under the eye of chef and with guidelines of doctor diet food.


Aged care plays an important role in getting up to stay safely with care, love and respect. Every residence is designed to support your comfort and trained staff are always at the side with helping hand all over the time.