Castor oil and Castor Derivatives has made strong position in the industrial world since it offers great benefits. Castor derivatives are the results of chemical engineering process in which castor is processed further to obtain several types of useful derivatives. These derivatives are rapidly used in various domains such as for manufacturing cosmetics, soaps, lubricants, hydraulic and brake fluids, paints, dyes, coatings, inks, cold resistant plastics, waxes and polishes, nylon, pharmaceuticals and perfumes.

Characteristics of Castor oil and its Derivatives

  • It is a viscous & non-drying liquid
  • It has a slightly acrid taste, and a nauseating aftertaste
  • Castor oil consists almost exclusively of the triglycerides ricinoleic acid
  • Castor Oil Derivatives is a colourless to very pale yellow liquid with mild or odourless or tasteless.

Main Derivatives of Castor Oil

  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil –
  • Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO)
  • Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid (DCOFA)
  • And the list goes on…

Where to buy quality Castor oil and its derivatives??

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