Remedies for managing the carpet water damage depends a lot on severity of the issue. In case of floods in Melbourne, the whole rug would be damage to an extent that it will have to be removed and just thrown away.

In case of a small issue, like in the bathroom, kitchen and other parts of the house it’s generally difficult to care for the rug.

In case if a severe flooding situation, where there’s a lot of water everywhere, its quiet obvious that the rug would become unsanitary as all the dirt and bacteria would be present in the water.

The insurance of the homeowner will cover costs of the new rugs which are definitely the best way. This will depend mainly on the severity of the damage. But, in case the house in condemned, the carpeting would be a huge part of settlement.

Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

Carefully analysing the event

Each and every event needs to be looked at very carefully. A lot of people call experts for consultation, as each and every case has its own characteristics in particular. When it’s a situation of flooding and is felt that a special rug has to be restored, the very first thing which should be done is extract water.

Water is removed to prevent carpet water damage Melbourne with the help of a strong vacuuming pump before the rug is removed from the ground in the house in Melbourne. Once the water has been extracted, carpeting is then removed and is dried thoroughly.

Those are done usually by taking it to some dry place and employing large fans and the heating units. This may even be done by keeping it in direct sunlight with nap side downwards for avoiding fading.

While considering this option, you should think of the cost of restoring as compared to purchasing a new rug. Many a times a new rug proves to be less expensive than restoring the old one. Additionally having a new rug, you would be sure that there’s no mould and other damage in the rug.

What happens when damage is small?

In case of a small damage in the rugs, which may happen because of broken pipe or any other mishappening, it become easier to care for the rugs? The very first thing which needs to be done is to absorb the water with the help of towels and other materials.

These things need to be removed as they may soap-up in water and should be replaced with fresh ones. In case the carpeting may be lifted, it would be better to keep an absorbent under it which would help it in drying.

This type of carpet water damage would occasionally require professional assistance in case there’s a stain still showing after drying. The professionals of Melbourne who manage the process of cleaning as well as restoring the rugs have the right equipment for removing the stains.


Carpet water damage may be prevented and managed at home itself. There is absolutely no need to call the professionals from Melbourne. But there are certain situations when things go out of hand and it is better to call the professionals.