Use the best anti slip tile coating alternative for your swimming pool. A backyard swimming pool is becoming a staple of the Australian childhood. It is complete with having kids’ birthday parties in the daytime and it’s the perfect setting for a poolside cocktail in the evening.

Anti slip tile coating

When planning the layout of a pool, safety should be a top concern. In order to make sure that you are able to feel comfortable and at home in using your pool, it is important to put in extra care in the early safety planning stages. There are obvious measures such as abiding by correct fencing and gating government requirements, but there are also non-mandatory choices that can put your family in the safest hands possible.

One such example is in the surface of the tiles in and around your pool. Traditionally pool tiles are glossy in finish so that they reflect nicely with the water. Unfortunately, this glazed or polished finish sometimes means that they can become very slippery and dangerous when wet. There are plenty of non-slip tiles available, but these are definitely not as diverse as the regular range, leading many to shun them.

The simple solution is to apply a reliable non-slip treatment which leaves you with the tiles you love but minus the slippery finish. Ideally, this would be done when your pool is first installed. While this kind of process can be done after 10 days or 10 years without making a difference, it is best performed when the pool is not yet filled so that you won’t have to drain it. It is recommended that this solution by applied all over the pool surface, both in the basin and around the edges. Many people forget or neglect to coat this inner basin. There are still plenty of opportunities to slip on this surface, and the surrounding support of the water cannot be relied upon to prevent accidents every time.

Some non-slip coatings are only suitable for dry conditions. In a pool environment, not only should you look for one that works in wet conditions, but most importantly one that can be in constant contact with water without disintegrating. The best choices are not actually a coating but a substance that acts upon the tile surface to create a better grip. Some people may assume that this reaction with the surface may create a result that is uncomfortable to walk on, however this is far from the case.

Creating a non-slip surround for your family swimming pool is so crucial. It seems that no matter how much we tell the kids not to run, this is just a part of having fun and playing games. Even the best behaved of children seem to kick it up a notch when they are splashing about in the pool. Not only could slips on a hard surface give a nasty bump, but slipping next to a large body of water is a big danger. Being knocked unconscious and then falling into the pool could lead to drowning. This is why there is such an emphasis on creating a safe environment, which includes proper surfaces, as well as of course parent supervision at all times.

If you are satisfied with your pool surround, why not look to your shower, bathroom and laundry for further non-slip surfaces. There are DIY options available, meaning you can do the job at your own pace for a fraction of the cost, and still have left over product at the end to tackle those remaining areas or for touch ups. Please contact Step Solve at for a discussion about their better anti slip tile coating version.