You may let your family and other people get away with wearing shoes they’ve picked out from their favourite brands. Though they might look great, these shoes aren’t equipped to deal with the different hazards that are common in slippery areas and falling objects. Whenever you are talking about the safe and secure shoes, the first name come in mind is slip resistant shoes for women.

Now, I am focusing on the major difference that you can read below.

What is the difference between comfortable leather sandals and slip resistant shoes?

The slip resistant shoes provide the user with more protection against the dangers they face in slippery areas… Specially designed to comply with good standards, safety shoes are non-slip, comfortable and durable. While the leather sandals serve another purpose whether they have the slip or non-slip quality.

The resistance to drilling, the user’s feet can be safe from any danger they may face. Any normal or leather sandals can cope with the task, but when you faced with the dangers, and they do have the comfort quality but do not offer the same vital protection.

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But one quality both shoes and sandals should have, – comfort plus no foot pain, -longevity and durability. May the slip resistant shoes for men still required some replacement may they will be wear and tear.Hereby, consider the features of the slip resistant and safety shoes,

How safety shoes can be useful?

Not all shoes are equipped to deal with slippery surfaces, so when choosing shoes for you, be sure to look for non-slip designs. Created with an effective non-slip sole, these shoes will keep you safe and upright at all times.

Protection against falling objects

If you are busy with making food and rushing in and out to serve your family. In fast-paced environments, accidents are more likely to occur. Plates, boards and frying pans are easily removed from the work surfaces or fall off. Work shoes with a composite or steel tip give your feet additional protection against the heavy force of a falling object.

Protection against sharp objects

Along with falling objects, you are more likely to face the potential dangers of sharp things. Even if you have years of experience learning the different things you can still be vulnerable to falls off.

Offers breathability

When you’re busy working, you quickly get stress. You can stay cool by wearing the right clothes for the job, but you can stay cooler by having the right shoes. Work shoes made of high-quality leather offer your feet additional breathability something like comfortable leather sandals.

Water resistance

Some work areas with several people working closely in small areas, there is not much space to avoid spills. While you can quickly dry a puddle, it’s hard to dry your shoes. Wearing wet shoes for the rest of your shift is uncomfortable. But you can avoid getting wet in the first place by making sure your shoes are waterproof or at least water resistant.


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You might realise that any people regularly face hazards like hot liquids, wet surfaces and heavy items. It’s worth considering slip resistant work shoes, and keep your feet and body safe.