Anyone who is just starting his journey in the world of horses might be confused regarding the Horse Feed Suppliers and how much to feed the horse. Generally if the horse is riding then good timothy and high quality clover would be sufficient. The racing horses are fed in similar manner but there is high quality alfalfa added in their diet.

The young horses since they are weaned are given vitamins and other supplements along with the daily grains. As these horses grow, their nutrition needs also start variating due to the constant development stages that the horses go through just like the human kids.

Young horses seem to attain a fairly round on corner and hold the weight very well and suddenly start sprouting by an inch or so during winters and then slim down. They start getting little round and start holding their weight yet again and sprout by an inch or so till they are three years old. Their sprouting still happens till they are 4 or 5 years old but not so often.

Horse Feed Suppliers

High quality feed

There are a number of good quality mixtures of Horse Feed Suppliers available in the market. Most of the company’s manufacturing the latest mixtures of the feed has been in this business for many years now. They have fed millions horses and they’re continuously researching for new and much better form of nutrition. You should start with the larger companies. They would be glad to show you different mixtures and to explain you what’s that they have to give you.

Most of the Horse Feed Suppliers stores which promote feed companies would ask you about the animal, the type of horse you have, whether it has pasture and if it’s being ridden or not. If your answer is yes then how often is it rid? There are certain guidelines about ways of feeding the horses on every bag of the feed. You just need to keep in mind the suggested amount. The time, trial and the error wold probably are the best teacher for you.

Most of the horse feed stores would be able to easily guide you to the right direction to help you choose the right amount of the feed per day.

Horse Feeds

There are varied prices of horse feed available in the market. The low pricing feed of course has lower end horse feed products and they serve the purpose quite well. On the contrary, only because a brand of Horse Feed Suppliers is high priced doesn’t necessarily signify that it’s the best in the market.

Feeding a horse is something which you need to take very seriously. You might damage the horse in more than one ways by not feeding him much. You will have to monitor the weight of your weight.


Choosing Horse Feed Suppliers is an important decision which should be taken wisely. You should consider all the important factors while choosing the feed supplies for your horse.