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How to Keep Clean the Carpet in the Pet-Friendly Home?

How to Keep Clean the Carpet in the Pet-Friendly Home?

You know that everyone loves own dogs and along with the loyalty and company. As you love your dog, but still you need care to your pets. From bringing dirt outdoors in your home and in the clean carpets. For that, you have to call any carpet cleaning Geelong Company and then you need to get your carpets clean.

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How pets dirt the carpet?

There are so many ways that your carpet gets dust, but these are the common ways to get dirty. The ways are given below.

  • Fleas / Ticks

Homeowners spend billions of dollars per year to control fleas, the biggest expense for pet owners.

  • Saliva

A dog has so many species of bacteria in its mouth.

  • Pet waste (urine)

There are millions of coliform bacteria in a single gram of waste.

  • Dandruff

It is estimated that 1/10thof the population is allergic to animals, with pet dander being the main cause.

  • Dirt

Studies have shown that dirt carries many different varieties of bacteria and that a square foot of carpet can contain up to a pound of dirt.

How the allergy affect you and your family?

You love the beloved pets and leave behind can lead to indoor air quality problems and contribute to various health problems for our families.

  • Stomach disease
  • Allergies
  • Skin infections
  • Asthma worsened

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What you can do for the solution of the pet issues?

Solutions to conquer these issues.

  1. Treat urine spots immediately

Have an odour eliminator on hand and call a carpet cleaning professional to treat the oldest accidents and get rid of the problems of strong odours.

Treat urine stains immediately to prevent urine from leaking into the carpet padding and causing permanent damage, and dogs will return to the same place.

  1. Adding doormats

By adding mats, you can absorb water, dirt and mud from your dog’s legs to help keep your floors cleaner and longer.

  1. Bathe your dog regularly

Regular baths for your dog not only keep the coat bright, but a weekly bath can decrease the level of allergens.

  1. Have your carpet professionally cleaned

Aspirate alone is not enough. Remove hair, odour, stains and pollutants from outside accumulated more effectively.

Tips to clean the carpet that will be dirty from pet

  • Keep a towel near your door so you can clean your pet’s legs before they return to your home.
  • Most pets will not like it, but cleaning the legs will help prevent stains or dirt from getting embedded in the carpet.
  • Dry the legs when the animals enter.
  • Ultimately, the dog can learn that he cannot go back in until you clean his legs.

Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service?

  • A professional carpet cleaning or rug cleaning Geelong company has access to commercially available cleaning equipment and products that will never harm you or your pets.
  • The carpet cleaning Geelong services send a team of workers who can handle the equipment and perform the cleaning correctly.

Final thought,

Whether it is a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner, they use the best equipment as well as upgraded technology to remove pets’ stains and spots from the carpet.

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