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Which industry uses Building Supplies Melbourne the most?

Which industry uses Building Supplies Melbourne the most?

Timber Supplies Melbourne are very important for a number of professionals, hobbies and occupations and once you are a part of timber trade, you will find it to be stable, absolutely recession proof income source which doesn’t go out of fashion and its always important for some group of traders and clients.

DIY enthusiasts

DIY is a growing trend these days and a wide range of hobbyists pursuits need supplies of timber. More and more people are now constructing their own benches, sheds, shelves and other types of furniture right from the scratch.

It is a very good way of relaxing, exercise your creative instincts, get absorbed by the project, learn new things every day and maybe also save money. They form an integral part of the process and the people are now looking for efficient domestic merchants.

Timber Supplies Melbourne

Interior designers

The interior designers belonging to different segments need times for polishing off their need for a new interior setup or a room. Not each and everything which they require can be purchased readymade. Thus, a lot of them search for durable and affordable Timber Supplies Melbourne for giving life to their designs.

Most often they look for ubiquitous MDF but they might also need a rarer and more specialist luxury segment of woods specifically for high concept pieces and installations.


They are the most obvious consumers. They are the masters in taking a normal wooden piece and turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture. They require a diverse range of supplies available in the market and would be amongst most discerning as well as regular customers of the timber supplies merchant.

In case you are willing to sell the timber supplies, carpenters are the people you should look for while searching for customer base. No one will be able to help you better than he carpenters.


Builders may not require timber supplies but they still make a large portion of the targeted markets of different merchants. They may specifically need supplies for beams, joists as well as flooring. Thus, they would favour big pieces of wooden logs which have undergone minimum processing. The builders also need Building Supplies Melbourne for helping them construct doors, skirting boards, windows as well as ceiling cornices.

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While a lot of scaffolders obviously work with the help of steel and other metallic pipes, timber supplies are quite important for them for different reasons. They need it for constructing solid platforms to even bracing of the metallic beams securely and safely.

They might also wish to have durable and strong large planks. Thus, you need to ensure that you have some heavy duty wood in reserve for these people.

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