Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is thermally stable and incombustible. A number of decades it was used to insulted building. On the surface, it looks like an ideal insulator. At the time of when the asbestos is processed, microscopic fibres are prions to get airborne. When that happens it is more than likely that anyone in the vicinity will breathe in the contaminated air. Asbestos can be very harmful if dispersed into the atmosphere. Due to the dust and fibres, which when inhaled, can cause fatal diseases such as mesothelioma. Best asbestos testing in Melbourne as asbestos occur naturally but most soil contaminated is caused through one of two ways that are either through the building from asbestos materials or contaminated topsoil.

The material used at construction

During the industrial revolution, asbestos becomes very popular and at the time was thought to be good material for the used building new homes and business. When planning to test for asbestos in the home, it is important to find an unbiased accredited laboratory with enough extensive experience in doing an analysis of samples sent by homeowners for best asbestos testing Melbourne.

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This ensures that you to get the result you need accurately before carrying out your home renovation or remodelling plans. It is important to have a home asbestos test. Analysis of materials for asbestos content is done in a qualified laboratory. It is an essential aspect of the testing process to call professional prior to taking a sample so that can be advised.

Different fields need protection

As most of the homeowner can do to collect a sample of a suspected asbestos-containing material and send it to asbestos removal in Melbourne. Knowing asbestos dangers are everywhere but some of the worst offenders occur in everyday working environments. Different areas such like carpenters, electricians, shipbuilding, plumbers, insulation workers and as asbestos abatement teams. Workers from all the different environments leave the work sites with the asbestos fibres on their clothing and indirectly expose their families and others they come in contact with a human being. Asbestos testing is of major importance because of the possibility of exposure. The asbestos fibres are invisible so there is no way other than testing to verify the possibility of exposure. It is not easy of knowing if the materials used in construction contain asbestos by looking at it. The best way it is possible to safely collect asbestos samples but they must be sent to a certified testing facility to verify.


Asbestos has been used extensively on building materials before they were proven to cause some detrimental health problems in human and pets alike. An area that is suspected of asbestos content should be isolated for preferably.

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Best asbestos testing Melbourne turns out to be positive, removing the contaminated material is not always necessary. Commercial spaces built around the time of wide asbestos usage may also pose a threat. Repairing the contamination to keep it in place is usually the best option, with highly trained in the safe handling of asbestos.

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