With a surge in the businesses which offer products to be sold online shipping the supplies are very much in demand especially Packing Tape. It’s very important to use good quality Packaging Tape in order to seal the cartons as well as boxes which you need to send via mail or through parcel carriers as you would like to ensure that the purchases of your customers arrive in good condition at the desired location. There’re different types of packaging tapes which you need to keep in mind.

Packaging Tape

Carton sealing tapes

One of the most common tapes used for packing is the carton sealing tape which does a fairly good job of sealing the boxes and the cartons when appropriately used. This type is also available at the office supplies store, shipping supplies and boxes store or in stationary aisle of the big boxes store. It’s a very good idea to buy good quality cartons sealing tapes which you may afford while shipping items.

The job of the Masking Tape would be to keep the package sealed very tightly till the seal gets broken by end user. You should avoid narrow tape as it might not make the seal tight enough especially when you pack heavy items. You should consider buying widest tape which is practical for boxes you wish to seal.

Printed tape for packaging the boxes

Printed tape for packaging the boxes

You may even find the speciality printed tape for packaging which is imprinted with the words such as fragile which helps in denoting the fragility of the contents while they are in transit. This tape is easily available in different colours and widths. They could be generally found in same location where you would find the carton sealing tape. This type is growing less expensive for businesses.

Printed tape for sealing the things your customers buy may help you in reinforcing the identity of your brand while offering tamper evident seal on the package so that your customers may see that the goods they have bought are untouched. You may find some of the local printers and office supplies store providing these types of custom tapes.

You may even buy the tapes online with different resellers. It’s often considered to be the cheapest route for buying the packaging supplies including packaging tape as low overhead helps in keeping the cost down. The online retailers may pass on their savings to you.

Cloth tape

Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape is also aiming a lot of popularity these days owing to its strength. It is a strong tape which helps in keeping the goods safe. You may try this tape also. A lot of business owners are using this type of tape for transporting and shipping their goods.


A lot of businesses use a Packing Tape for sending their goods to the end users located in different locations. They help in keeping the goods safe and also don’t let the things inside the boxes move or get damaged.

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