Who don’t love innovations? And, I’m speechless when it comes to talking about dream home because, everyone wants to renovate or update the furniture and home essentials according to the latest style, design, and pattern. But somehow, people kill their choices because of a limited budget. UGH! Here, I come up with shower screens Adelaide guide that many of us dream of installing.

However, when it comes to bathrooms, uniqueness is the soul of every fashionista and thus, we go through different sizes, styles, and shapes that can give the home a different bathroom. And, when it comes to shower screen then be careful that all I can suggest. Because the shower screen can make or break the bathroom and with no two showers are the same is the most important thing that you understand the difference. Because a custom-built shower screen has both; bathroom aesthetics and functionality.

Often, people take shower screens as a functional part of the bathroom but there is a distinct design element to them as they can affect the entire look of the bathroom. However, there is a wide range of shower screens available in the market that you can choose from. Let’s go through the types of shower screens.

Shower Screens Adelaide

Type of bath screen

1)    Single screen

A single screen is one of the most popular screen styles and it involves a single pane of glass which is mostly moveable via a hinge so that it can be easily accessible and can be easily cleaned. Although, there is a wide range of designs and patterns available which include curved screens especially for shower baths and elegantly shaped for a stylish look.

2)    Double screen

In this screen type, a hinge is in the centre of the screen so it can be opened in different ways for easy accessibility.

3)    Glass thickness

There are different bath screens that have different glass in thicknesses, and it ranges from 3mm to 8mm. usually, the thick screens are heavier but the choice comes down according to your personal need. Because thick glass tends to create a quality and luxurious feel but they function well.

4)    Overbath Enclosure

This one can completely or partially enclose your bath space. It can protect the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and also help in removing the risk of splashing water. Many of bathrooms have screens that designed for them so you should check complete specifications for the product to verify which one will suit your taste.

5)    Extras and accessories

Different designs of bath screen feature are useful extras like shelves, towel rails that give you extra functionality and convenience.