Some people take a lot of time to get used to of ResMed Cpap machines. Others might not find them useful at all. To make things easier, you can practice some home remedies.

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So read ahead to find that!

  1. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are a perfect remedy to elevate mood. They are derived from the plants and reduce pain, stress, and promotes better sleep.

You can consider:

Jasmine: The sweet fragrance flower has a calming effect, which allows better sleep.    

Lavender: The relaxing scent has manifold uses such as treating pain, infection, and stabilizing mood and aid insomnia.

Citrus: They are best to improve sleep patterns

These can be used with diffusers, baths, and atomiser or mister.

  1. Sip on some Herbal Tea

A caffeine-free cup of tea before bed soothes your mood and calms your mind. It could be the most pleasurable part of your daily routine to sip some herbal tea. Many herbal teas can help you maintain your sleep pattern and many doctors also suggest consuming them before sleep.

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Brew some:

Valerian: This has been used as a medicine since Ancient Greece for treating sleep disorder   

Chamomile: This classic flower has shown improvements in sleep quality

Passionflower: Many studies have proved that passionflower can cure sleep disorder

Lemon Balm: This min family citrus has been used to treat anxiety and insomnia for decades

Get your cup ready to gulp down the best sleep remedy!

  1. Chow-down Sleep Promoting Foods

Many food items contain calcium, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), potassium, and melatonin that gives you better sleep.

These food items include:

Tart Cherry Juice: This can help you reach the dreamland pretty easier

Walnuts: There come times when you feel hungry in the middle of the night. Don’t eat pop-corns or order pizza. Instead, take off your ResMed Cpap machines and chow down some walnuts. They have melatonin content which can make anybody sleep quickly. You can make banana nut bread or simply sprinkle some of that on dinner salad.

Kiwi & Romaine Lettuce: For longer sleep, kiwis and romaine lettuce can help to enhance the total sleep time. So choose your favourite fruits including kiwi to take a long sleep.

Barley Grass Powder: This high GABA & calcium ingredient makes it one of the most powerful sleep-boosting foods. You can mix it with juice or smoothies.

  1. Exercise

One of the best things to get not just better sleep but to make your body healthy is – Exercise. You can deal with the symptoms such as daytime sleepiness or poor sleep. Exercising is helpful especially when you are using a ResMed CPAP machine.

Yoga: It’s a combination of resistance training, stretching, and meditative breathing work in just one practice. This is what makes Yoga the top choice of many of those who are facing sleeping issues.

Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise can raise your heart rate, which is fine. It also helps to get better sleep at night.

Strength training: Strengthening training helps to relieve stress and be more focused. You will experience an improvement in your sleep patterns once you start doing this exercise daily.

So follow these tips along with high-quality ResMed CPAP parts as well.