Bamboo which is a grass grows quickly every time it’s harvested. The benefit however is that it’s ideal as a flooring material as it’s approximately 25% harder as well as stronger than the traditional woods such as oak, etc.

Also, Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is available in different colours as well as grains for making it strong, sustainable as well as beautiful floor option. Today, it’s a popular material for floor both for its eco friendliness and strength. There’re several leading manufacturers in Australia.

Bamboo is just like hardwood but it’s not wood. As hollow grass, its considered to be a renewable resource as it rapidly grows, replenishing itself. Bamboo may reach its maturity in 5 to 6 years growing to approximately 80ft of height. Considered to be eco-friendly a lot of people taking a new look at the attractive bamboo flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

Are you aware of the fact that bamboo is one of the fastest growing wooden plants on the planet earth? Some of the species of this wood may grow 1 meter each day.

For an eco-friendly and conscious individual, bamboo is quite critical option for emitting oxygen in the atmosphere. As one of the fastest growing option, bamboo helps in lowering light intensity and protecting against the ultra violet rays, while also acting a soil purifier and an atmospheric purifier. Put simply, bamboo is considered to be a plentiful naturally found resource and also a viable alternate to deforestation of the trees of the world. You may choose the Bamboo Flooring Melbourne and you may help in curbing the issue of global warming.

Bamboo is a very practical flooring option

The bamboo flooring option has a similar hardness to the hardwood flooring. When bamboo undergoes the process of manufacturing for becoming flooring, bamboo becomes quite hard for being sold into engineered and solid flooring planks. You may also consider installing this flooring option in similar location which would be very good for the wooden flooring.

Like wood, bamboo also scratches. So, you should look for this type of flooring option with solid finish on it for strength and durability.

And like wood, this option of flooring may also be stained. Even though a lot of people leave the bamboo flooring natural preferring lighter blonde colour that naturally milled bamboo provides. Keeping in mind that like wood all materials stain differently, it is also true with this option. SO you may expect some kind of variation in the plank colouring.

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Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne is available in both horizontal as well as vertical graining pattern. You may check for the sample to see that the style you want with cross grain or grain cuts. The graining pattern is quite different from each other, and thus you may be sure to choose bamboo cut which is perfect for you.


Bamboo Flooring Melbourne may be glued to the concrete slabs stapled with the wooden floorings and floated over the current flooring coverings. Anything you may do with the wooden flooring, you may do with the bamboo floor.