Emergy Gas Leak: Repairs 24/7

How do you identify if you have a gas leak? Household gas has a pungent smell to warn you that you have a leak or you have left the stove on. Even if the fumes are not heavy, you still need to call your gas plumber in Perth because you probably have a leak somewhere. Remember, too, that if your last monthly gas bill was a lot higher than normal, then you could also have a leak even if you do not smell anything.

Why it is so important to call a gas plumber if you suspect a gas leak. Gas leaks are not just inconvenient. Gas leaks are dangerous to people and property. That’s why the gas company adds a smell to odourless natural gas so your nose can warn you of a gas leak. Understand that gas leaks can escalate quickly into a life-threatening situation. So, if you are at home and smell gas, follow these steps immediately:

  1. Open all doors and windows until help arrives. This will help minimise the dangerous levels of gas building up in your home.
  2. Leave your home, taking all people and pets with you. Stay with a neighbor until your plumber arrives.
  3. Call WA Assett Plumbing and Gas, your best plumber Perth, to carry out gas leak detection. (Keep our numbers in your mobile phone and call us after you are safely out of the house. In cases where the fumes are high enough, using a cell phone inside the house can set off an explosion.)
  4. Do not go back into the building until the plumber tells you he has found the leak and that it is safe to go back inside.

Things that should make you suspect a gas leak. Suspect a gas leak in your home and call your local plumber in Perth right away if you see or hear:

  • a damaged gas appliance or a suspicious-looking connection
  • the roar or whistle of gas escaping
  • dead plants near a gas pipe outside your home
  • soil moving or water bubbling around your home.

Be safe. Do not try to uncover the leak yourself. This is dangerous stuff. Leave gas leak detection to the professionals. The plumber has a tester to determine if there is a gas leak in your home. If your home fails the test, he will shut off the gas and work on fixing the leak right away.

Remember, call WA Assett Plumbing and Gas for all your plumbing needs at 9471 9955 during regular business hours, or after hours at 0405 476 798.