So you have decided to join a Gym or Yoga Canterbury classes. Now you must be thinking how you should choose a good class from amongst different options available there. It could be quite confusing to choose one from different options available.

Yoga Canterbury

You may arm yourself with the below checklist for making sure that you choose a good place.

1. Location

You will need a good place for the exercise which is convenient for you. In case it takes a long time, you might not go there every day. Thus you need to consider the one which is at walking distance. It should be near your house.

2. Equipment

The main question that you should ask is “what are your goals”. Then you should choose a place which has all the equipment which matches your aim. Thus, if you are looking to grow your muscles, then you should choose a place which has ample weights and other equipment. And if stretching and yoga are your things, you will need a place which has a yoga studio in Canterbury and good amount of space to stretch.

3. Staff

The first thing that you probably see in the class is the reception. It is important that the staffs at the reception are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. All the things count for many things when you interact with the staff members each time you go to the class.

4. Changing rooms and shower rooms

This is the point at which most of the gyms let down drastically. The shower rooms and changing rooms are cramped, with narrow or small lockers that are struggle for getting all the stuff into. You should always see the shower rooms, the changing rooms and look for lockers, cleanliness and everything else before option for the gym.

You may even ask for the free trial sessions at the gym. This would help you in experiencing the changing areas and the shower areas. You should always try before you go for a good class.

5. Other members

It is very important to know who all go to the gym. You should visit the LOVE ATHLETICA , at the time that you are planning to go regularly. In case it’s extremely crowded, you would not get to use all the equipment and you might have to wait for the equipment to be available.

Again, you will be able to know about the other members by getting a free of cost trial session.

Yoga Canterbury

6. Cost

Before you sign up for the gym, you should know what all is included in the cost and what is not. Also know about the cancellation policy, terms of contract, whether your membership permits you to use the other branches of the gym or not, etc.


There are various things which need to be considered before signing up for a Yoga Canterbury classes – “LOVE ATHLETICA” membership. These things will help you in finding a place which would be good and where you would be able to achieve your goals.

Source: Important points to consider while signing up for Yoga Canterbury classes