Awnings Sydney manufacturers have shorthand jargon which succinctly describes their characteristics, function, quality and style. Knowledge is the main key for having an enjoyable and efficient internet shopping experience for the retractable awnings. These simple and common terms may help you in knowing in advance what exactly you are looking for.

Retractable Awnings Sydney

Terms- parts

The lateral arms retractable awning is the one which may be rolled up, closed unlike the fixed canopies, the retractable awning does not have any supporting posts. They are intrinsically simple in design.

  • Frame- frame mainly comprises of mounting bars, roller tube and arms
  • Mounting bars- the base of retractable Awnings Sydney which is basically mounted in the place when. Once the awning fabric rolls on the tube attached to mounting bar.
  • Arms- the parts of the frame that are folded closed to the elbow while the awning rolls in and opens while awning rolls out.
  • Shoulder- joints on retractable arms where the arms attach to mounting bars
  • Front bar- the extrusion at the front of the frame
  • Hood- the cover that fits on the retractable frame as well as the fabric once the awning is retracted fully, the hood helps in protecting the exposed fabric, motor and frame from these elements
  • Valence- the strip of the fabric generally a couple of inches that hangs from front bars of retractable awnings
  • Shoulder- the joints placed on retractable awnings arm where the arm attaches to mounting bars
  • Front bars- the extrusion at the front of the frame
  • Hood- a cover that fits on the retractable frame as well as fabric when the frame is retracted fully, the hoods protect the exposed fabrics, motor and frames from the elements
  • Ribs- cross bars of the frames that support the fabric. Not every style has got rubs as the ribs are used often for creating a shape to the frame
  • Canopy- it is basically an elongated dome or a waterfall style awning

There’re a number of styles of the retractable awning stated mainly by the shape of the frame.

Retractable Awnings Sydney

Styles of retractable awnings

  1. Lateral arms awning – This is one of the oldest and most common, styles consisting of 2 or more arms, front bar, fabric and mounting bar. It’s the most famous style for commercial buildings and homes. It is even the most scalable form, extending as far as seventeen feet without any external support.
  2. Dome – It is an awning which has got cured ribs that form a round shape when extended fully. These often tend to have a shorter extension than the lateral arms awning, extending just about 5 feet maximum from the mounting point. A dome may have longer projection than the standard done styles, approximately double.
  3. Drop screen – A type of retractable awning that is vertically mounted so that it extends downwards. Thus type of awning has mounting fabric and bar, but no arms as it just drops down. It is used mainly for screening gazebos, patios, and other areas from heat, rain, glare, UV rays, mosquitoes, direct sun and pollen.

There are also a number of different accessories for the retractable Awnings Sydney that makes them very easy to operate. These are anemometer, sensors, motor, etc.


Awnings Sydney manufacturers use some jargons that help in describing the functions, characteristics, style and quality. To enjoy shopping experience online it is very important that you are aware of some very important things.