Thinking about to make a ponytail? Not finding the proper hair in your head? So what next? There are many ways to make the ponytail, but if it doesn’t have the thickness then? To show your hair thicker, people prefer the temporary or permanent service that is provided by the hair extensions St Kilda professionals in Australia.

There are many types of hair extensions service in St Kilda available, but the question is which type of the extensions you choose for the betterment of your hair?

Type of the Hair extensions St Kilda service:

There is mostly 3 type of the hair extensions services, the main category lies on the:

 1. Permanent

Permanent hair extensions installed by the hairdresser South Yarra required the long-term process that will help you to provide the extra length or extra growth to the hair.

You can wear the extensions for many months and enjoy the service of the hairdresser Armadale. The benefit of applying for the permanent hair extension, they stay long lasting and you don’t have to worry again and again for your hair.

2. Semi-permanent

The hair extensions remain at least 6-8 weeks called the semi-permanent hair extensions. The hairdresser South Yarra service provide this kind of service, if you want to go long picnic, you can add the temporary extensions in your hair.

3. Temporary

The temporary hair extensions are attachable each day in a week. For one day function, you are not able to find the perfect hairstyle because of the hair growth or length then this is the best option to show your hair more beautiful. To save your money, -don’t go for the long-term hair extension and choose the temporary one is more preferable.


Now, we consider the common mistakes that people usually do?
Hair extensions mistake you should avoid / Take care whilst choosing the hair extensions St Kilda service
1. Colour match
The colour of the extensions should match with the original hair of yours. You can add extensions of the different colour but it should be matched with your style. Pre-made strands have some rare colours and you have to choose from them, so make your look attractive by choosing the perfect match colour to your hair.
2. Quality match
The poor quality hair gives the hint to a people that you are using the hairdresser South Yarra extension service. Find the salon who provide the perfect match quality to your hair.
3. Cutting of the extensions
If your hair is cut in the shape by the famous hairdresser Armadale and found a cut extension that matches with your style is the responsibility of the hairdresser.
4. Length
The length of the extensions are also important, if you have the short hair then you can’t add the very long extension, it will look not good on you.
To hold the personality of your own, you can add the perfect and compelling looking hair extension in your hair that will help enhance your appearance.

Source: One step ahead towards hair extension service