In case you are looking for Ducted Heating Installations Melbourne in your house or you want comfort in your house, then this is the cheapest option for you. It is also an efficient option. Even though they’re quite suitable for different climates, they’re much more useful for the homes where the variations in temperature between winters and summers are extreme.

Installation of ducted heating system is quite expensive. But, once it has been installed, versatility could be offered in the ways in which the house is heated.



The central Ducted Heating Melbourne is used for producing air at a very high temperature. The air is pumped through the ducts which are heavily insulated. The ducts are found in the roof and under flooring and they are connected to the vents which are located in different parts of the house.

The central heating component is either reverse cycle AC or large gas-furnace which runs on the natural gas. In case its reverse cycle AC, then same system could be used for cooling of the duct.

Most of the system helps controlling of the distribution of heat in the house with dampers. The dampers are the mechanics which help in blocking the heating duct thereby preventing hot air from blowing to some of the parts of your house. The dampers could be controlled automatically by simply using the remote control or they could even be controlled manually.

Ducted Heating in Melbourne

Requirements for the installation

In most of the cases, location of central heating units is close to the centre of the house usually on the roofing thereby preventing entry of excessive noise inside the home. The ducts are either vented through the wall, ceiling or floor as per the preference. The flooring vents have proved to be a very sensible option in case you are using this system for predominantly heating. It’s mainly because with the help of Ducted Heating Melbourne heat rises, resulting in efficient room heating.

Another thing that’s required is location of the flooring vents when there’s a possibility of the furniture to be moved around. One needs to discuss the needs with the system installer for choosing the best option.

Energy efficiency

Another significant factor while choosing Ducted Heating Melbourne is energy efficiency of the system. It just impacts the emission of CO2, it would dictate amount spend for heating the home.

Ducted Heating

The duct heating which employs solar power is energy efficient. Another important option is duct heating system which employs natural gas. A 3 star duct heating system would employ natural gas approximately 3 tonnes of CO2 every year. It emits the amount of energy in order to heat approximately 150 meter square of area.

The system which uses LPG would help in producing approximately 4 tonnes of CO2. This same system would employ ducted reverse system.


The Ducted Heating Melbourne systems are used for heating the house during winters and cooling the house during summers. They are energy efficient systems which help in keeping the house comfortable.