Decking has become a popular solution to maximise outdoor space. With a constant view of the environment, the covers must be able to withstand all external conditions, including the risks of fire, insect damage, sun, rain and wind. When designing the deck, considering the silvertop Ash decking Melbourne or ironbark timber decking Melbourne material, you must take into account all local conditions in your area and select the deck materials that will provide superior strength and dimensional stability.

Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne

Mainly there are two options for the decking: wooden steel. Most steel frames consist of coloured steel brackets, joints and reinforced steel poles. The steel structure platform is quick to install and is ideal for use in areas at risk of fire.

The frames of wood may include wood for carriers, beams and posts or a combination of wooden frames with steel posts. If you select a wooden frame for your platform, you can choose between hard or soft wood, such as treated pine.

What do you need for the installation of the deck in your home?

  1. Stairs

If your platform is elevated or requires access to stairs, as the construction of the platform, there are many materials available for stairs. Including a steel stringer welded with wooden steps, or a complete set of hardwood or treated pine stairs.

The wooden or ironbark timber decking Melbourne roof is ideal for inclined blocks, to cover old concrete patios or as an alternative to the pavement. Wood decks can be built to the same level as their existing floors to facilitate a smooth transition from inside to outside. When designing a deck made of wood or steel frame, remember that the north facing decks are the best for receiving the winter sun and summer shade.

  1. Tip

Do not forget to protect the wooden decks with a quality wood finish, such as oil for roofs or wood stains. Greg Jacobs is a leading designer of pergolas, patios and outdoor entertainment structures and is the founding director of Pergola Land, a successful Pergola company based in Sydney, Australia. Greg and his team at Pergola Land have been designing and building high-quality pergolas, patios and parking lots for Australian clients over the past 10 years. Pergola Land specializes in pergolas, patios, garages, awnings, opening ceilings, privacy screens, custom awnings and terraces.

Ironbark Timber Decking Melbourne

  1. Decking materials
  • Ironbark wooden deck

You may visit a family and been surprised by the beauty of a wooden parquet with a red iron chest. The redwood of the iron bars is surprising and draws attention in a way that other woods cannot. Ironbark wood flooring is a good choice in Melbourne, as it is highly resistant to fungal decay that can cause major roof problems.

  • Silver ash decking

With the history of wildfires in our state and the risk of living in such a beautiful place, it is not surprising that many people love the silver top ash decking Melbourne. The beautiful silver wood is fire resistant, resistant and durable. You will also notice visible growth rings within the grain, which will increase the visual appeal of this wood.

To make the home and beautify the exterior place you need good company for the material as well as installation.