Want to purchase a real estate property? Then you have to contact one of the prominent and professional Companies like Land Corp Australia. There are many options you have to purchase any property like under construction, ready-to-move-in and resale property as per your desire.

Are you confused, whether you should purchase resale property or under-construction property or ready-to-move-in property? This is the common problem of every buyer. So, before buying any property, you need to compare each one to take the correct decision.


Here, we provide you ready guide, which helps you to choose the right property; ultimately, it is your big investment, and you have to consider all aspect. There are so many factors which you should consider for comparison like cost, return value and many more.

  1. Who is the Buyer?

If you are an investor and want to invest in the under-cost project, then under construction project is best for to gain more return.

Whenever you are first-buyer, then you should go with the ready-to-move-in property because it can be more convenient for you.

A person who needs to live in a properly established area where their entire utility fulfilled they should choose the resale option.

  1. What is Budget?

If we consider cost as a factor, then under construction property should be best for you, and it does not harm your pocket as compared to the other two options. Whenever all the other factors like location, property type, area and builders’ name and fame are negligible, then under construction is best. You also get some discount when your builder’s ready to give it (higher chances).

  1. Where is Risk?

In under-construction work, chances of risk level are higher as compare to both other options. Ready-to-move-in and resale properties are safe because their construction is ready, and you only get their possession from the builders or sellers. So, in the security level, you should prefer resale property or ready-to-move-inn property.

  1. What is Resale Price?

Generally, you get a higher return in the under-construction property because of its new construction. In the ready-to-move-in property, returns depend on the location and area, if you have a house in a developed area, then you get higher resale value. The return on investment in a resale property is low.

  1. When You Get Possession?

In the ready-to-move-in and the resale property, you get fast possession as you complete the paperwork and contract to deal. Whenever you have to move to the new house then this both option you can choose. In the under-construction property chances of delay in the possession is possible (It could be the longer period from your expectation).

  1. How Does It Look?

Whether you purchase any resale home or ready-to-move-in property, you can see its physical infrastructure because it is ready. But in the under-construction, you can see only the floor plan or demo house if it is available by the builder.

  1. Is Loan Facility Available?

If your paperwork and legal clearance is present then in the under-construction property, you get loan facility available. For resale property and ready-to-move-in property, the loan facility is available from the beginning.


Above we provide you with some question and its answer, if you are also interested in purchasing any real estate property, then ask this question to yourself and decide which is best from among all property. You can also take help from the Australian Land Corp company’s experts.