When you see a car with dings or dents, the first thing you do is a quick assessment of each, taking into account how much work needs to be done. But did you know that in reality, there are actually common types of “ding” and some really surprising culprits? Get the low-down on the most common designs that cause damage around curves and see how Smash Repairs in Laverton help!

How to Know if Your Car Needs Smash Repair

The most important thing to make sure of when bringing your car in for a smash repair is that it is the actual crack or dent. Car insurance companies will only replace cars with issues that were total crumbs (bumps, scratches, or cracks that are not bleeding).

Fixing a Dent on Your Car

When you crash or scratch your car, you might be concerned about the types of dings and dents that are important to fix. There are some key signature types of damage that can easily be fixed with plastic filler, paint, and rubber putty. Here are four common ones: small rocks being kicked up, fender benders at low speeds, low-speed impacts on a front bumper or side panel, parking lot dings from bumpers or other cars.

Common Dings and Dents to Smash Fix

Unlike the old days when you could just spot a car without a cat and pat it down, today’s cars are difficult to spot unless you’re driving near a junkyard. Modern commercial bodies have made heavy dings and dents less common, but all other types of damage are abundant. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to not only fix your banged-up vehicle but preserve its resale value.

Smash Repairs Laverton

Why Should You Use Smash Repair?

Smash is a kind of repair for dings and dents that saves your vehicle’s paint job and protects the future value of your car. These repairs can be done with a power washer, a small-to-medium size kitchen sander or sandpaper, or one of those battery-operated hand vacuums.

Why Choose Professional smash Repairer?

We often have a hard time choosing what to do with minor dings and dents in our cars, but there are professional smash-repair experts available. These professionals know how to fix scratches on automobiles using special techniques such as moulding injections, infrared processes, and polishing. You can make a few dents in your car as opposed to paying for a Smash Repairs Laverton from a professional smash repairer. However, this will be more costly in the long run since you will not get the same quality of work completed. If you want to use your savings on other cars or accessories, you should consider saving them instead.