We all love our yoga mats, but they can get nasty after a while. You know what I’m talking about: the odor, the stains, and that gross feeling when your hands are sliding over it. But there is another option out there for those who want to keep their mat clean and fresh! Biodegradable yoga mats are made from renewable resources such as cotton or even corn husks. Instead of relying on petroleum-based materials like latex or rubber, biodegradable yoga mats contain no harmful chemicals at all! These sustainable materials make them perfect for yogis who care about the earth as much as they do their physical health.

1. They are made from renewable resources.

They are biodegradable and compostable, meaning they’re easy to dispose of.
You can save money on your yoga mats by using biodegradable ones because you won’t have to buy another one when it gets dirty or damaged after a while! Some people like the feel of regular yoga mats better than the texture of biodegradable ones, but if you don’t mind it then go for it! It’ll help save our planet!

biodegradable yoga mat

2. They don’t use petroleum, latex or rubber.

  • It’s important to note that biodegradable yoga mats are not as readily available as regular yoga mats. However, they’re becoming more popular and you can find them at many big-name retailers like Target and Amazon.
  • If you’re serious about your health and the environment, you might want to consider switching to a biodegradable mat in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Biodegradable yoga mats use natural materials that don’t harm the environment or wildlife (such as petroleum, latex or rubber). These materials are not biodegradable which means they take hundreds of years — if not thousands — before breaking down entirely into nature’s cycle.

3. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A biodegradable yoga mat is made from a renewable resource, and it doesn’t contain petroleum, latex or rubber. Biodegradable yoga mats don’t harm the environment in any way.
Even if you drop your biodegradable yoga mat accidentally into the ocean or other natural water bodies, it won’t pollute them because it will simply break down due to bacterial decomposition.

4. They are biodegradable, even in the ocean!

Biodegradable yoga mats are made from natural and renewable materials. They are not made from petroleum, latex or rubber. Unlike traditional yoga mats, biodegradable yoga mats are safe for the environment and for the oceans.

5. They don’t harm the environment.

Biodegradable mats are made from renewable resources, so they don’t use petroleum, latex or rubber. They are biodegradable and sustainable, which means they harm the environment less than regular yoga mats.
They’re also environmentally friendly because they can be composted at home or thrown in the trash (if you live in an area that has recycling).


We hope this post has helped you understand why choosing a biodegradable yoga mat is not only good for the environment but also better for your body. If you are looking for more information on biodegradable yoga mats, check your nearby store or online store.