Good arborists spend years studying trees and their care. They know how to diagnose problems, treat diseases, and prevent infestations in the first place. They have experience with a wide range of species and can identify any problems you might be having with your own trees.

Experience and Training

Next, you need to ensure that your Arborist Box Hill has the experience and training to do the job. While some companies will promise their employees are highly trained and experienced, others may not be as honest about this.

One way to determine whether a company is being truthful is by asking for references from previous clients. If a company gives you positive feedback about their services and does not try to persuade you otherwise, then you can assume that your tree will be in good hands if you hire them.

Suppose a company refuses or hesitates when asked for references. In that case, it could be a sign that there are problems with their customer service skills or even worse: they have had issues with previous customers who were unhappy with their work and don’t want any bad press!

Make sure that all of your questions are answered before deciding whether or not an arborist is right for your property needs!

Tree Removal


You should have a business-based policy that covers you and your employees if they’re injured while working on a client’s property. If you don’t already have one, speak to an experienced insurance agent soon; it’s worth the cost and can help protect your business from large financial losses caused by accidents or theft.

Workers’ compensation insurance—This type of insurance covers medical expenses for injured employees and other costs related to work injuries (e.g., lost wages). It also provides additional benefits such as death benefits for families impacted by workplace fatalities. 


A good Arborist Melbourne will have a reputation and it is important that their reputation is not only earned, but also maintained. Reputation, in this case, refers to the way you conduct yourself in your work and how others perceive you. 

In general terms, it refers to how well you understand what your clients want and deliver on those expectations. 

A good arborist will understand that part of maintaining their reputation is ensuring they are delivering results for their clients—the more satisfied the client is with the service provided by an Arborist, the better chance there will be for repeat business or referrals from existing customers.


Arborists have a variety of different training and certifications. I’ve listed some of them above, but there are many more out there. One thing that all arborists should have is insurance. 

This protects you from any injuries or damage done by your equipment during a job, as well as helps cover any liability in case a client gets hurt while on site with you.