It’s amazing to have some fun at your kids’ party with Carnival games hire in Melbourne. These are not only entertaining but stress-busting for adults as well. Carnival games can boost the fun of any house party.

Following are a few games that you can give a try.


Carnival Games Hire Melbourne

So let’s explore!

  1. Dino Dig

This game can be pretty loved by the kids. All you need is some playing sand, plastic eggs, plastic shovels, and tiny container like kids’ swimming pool.

Put prizes and stickers inside the plastic eggs. In case you are planning to give a big gift, just put a name slip inside the egg. Now put these eggs inside the small container. Now fill the container with sand and make sure that all the eggs are completely covered.

Give kids the hand shovel and let them dig. To avoid chaos, allow one or two kids at a time to dig. Wait till they find an egg and get their prize.

  1. Lollipop Pull

This is easy for you and fun for kids. All you need to do is just buy a large number of lollipops and colour their bottom with a marker.

To make this game a bit harder, colour some lollipop sticks and leave the rest white. The one who pulls coloured lollipop will win.

If all your players are below 6-years, colour all the lollipops to ensure that everyone wins. That’s how Carnival games hire Melbourne can be fun and happening.

  1. Bean Bag Toss

Create a bean bag toss game that everybody will love. By bean bag toss we mean that the kids will get surprise prize. However, it’s up to you if you want to give more than one shot to the players. For that, you have to hole more to your game. For safety and easy playing just paint a ring around the hole.

For say, the top centre holes are not easy to reach so paint the red ring around it just to ensure that the winner gets the bigger prize. The blue ring means the second row and the winner will get a medium-sized prize. The yellow ring means the last row and smaller prize. The yellow row is easy to hit.

  1. Gone Fishing

This game requires a child-size fishing pole along with a binder which is fastened at the end in place of a hook. In case you don’t have a fishing pole at the moment, create a cane fishing pole with a stick and use binder clip as a substitute to the hook.

This game is a quick hit with younger children as the object of it is quite simple. The player will simply cast a line over a wall and on the other side, an adult will be hiding. Just watch your head!

Stick a candy or a toy to the clip and give a little pull to the fishing line if the fish has been caught. The player will pull out the line and will be excited to see what the price is.

You can even go for a carnival ride hire Melbourne for a full day party.

So play them and let the fun begin!

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