Eye say more than the mouth! Every woman likes to look beautiful with an eyelash to express through eye talk. Some have naturally long and beautiful eyelash, those who don’t have good eyelash need to have an artificial lash on the eye. Eyelash extensions Melbourne are single lashes applied directly that look like a natural lash, which close to the lash line with semi-permanent bonding. At a single time, single extinction is applied to a single lash, which helps for leaving the eyelashes and eyelids to move freely.

On the regular bases eyebrow threading, Melbourne is said to be an ancient hair removal technique, which has been practised from numbers of centuries for beautiful lookup of a woman. A threading expert takes a thin cotton thread and twists into a double strand that is swept along with the skin. Threating does not remove the skin layer, it only removes the hair form that area where threading id did.

Eyelash extensions Melbourne

Micro blading Melbourne, which is also known as eyebrow embroidery, unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing which works as semi-permanent. The new semi-permanent make up technology that can give you natural lookout with the new style. Full closer hair strokes put together for more full embroidered eyebrows with more definition that imitate your hair. Micro blading can view correctly or full reconstruct loss of eyebrow and is excellent to enhance your brows.

Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne is the perfect solution for the stay on eyebrow enhancement, where your eyes will look always like just a new and fresh eyebrow without any smudges. This helps you to look beautiful without having any other kind of makeup on the face. Eyebrow tattooing is a long-lasting beauty that makes your eyebrow look natural.

Care should be kept for eyelash extension

  • Need to select and fix an appointment with a trusted technician
  • What really happens?
  • Variety
  • What if it gets wet?
  • Is using standard mascara safe for eyelash extension
  • Mascara safe for eyelash extension
  • The myths
  • What the deal breaker?

Few tips for keeping eyelash extension look beautiful for a long period of time

Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

  • Sleep on back
  • Give your lashes a little of TLC
  • Lube them up
  • Comb them out
  • Resist playing with them

Pros of having eyebrow tattoo

  • Time
  • Define face
  • Hair loss correction
  • Eyebrows will look fabulous every time
  • Long lasting result
  • Easy and hassle free
  • Save money

Eyebrow tattoo is one of the most advanced methods that used machines to literally tattoo brows onto your forehead. It looks very effective and its work in fashion. Eyebrow tattoo come in many shapes and size as on the face look it set. For the saving face, we work with examine your face and design the perfect look eyebrows for your feature, with perfect style fits all approach on the face.


Eyelash extinction Melbourne, come with look gorgeous when done right, no need to wear mascara. We can use different eye shape that is like a single eyelid, round eyes, diamond-shaped eyes, big and round eyes, almond-shaped eyes. Micro blading Melbourne is one of the hottest trends in the field of beauty and the world of cosmetic tattoo.it is also known as a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo.

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