A healthy-looking floor means, a healthy & happy home atmosphere; to clean the floor deeply is not a “five-finger” job at all. Floor simply reflect home excellence, if it shed charm & lustre then, you should seek Floor sanding Geelong without taking much of the time. Although, routine care and maintenance can keep it looking beautiful for many years. The first thing in caring wood floors is to vacuum it often. Keep the floor free of dirt and dust you will reduce the action on any type of floor surface that you have.

But remember, you have to make sure that vacuum attachment is a natural brush or a type of floor that won’t scratch the floor. When hardwood floor requires to be cleaned then you need to know what kind of floor top coat or finish of trying to clean. Thus, look for the best Floor polishing Geelong company for oil surfaced floors, wax, or polyurethane floors. Let’s see!

First one is, oiled wood floors

Oiled wood floors need different care than any other type of wood floors like polyurethane floors. With the time, the wood becomes dry and depleted from foot traffic. Thus, you should try vacuuming and dry mopping the floor to remove dust and debris. For stubborn stains, you should allow the cleaner to remain on the spot for few minutes to loosen dirt from the flooring. For deep cleaning, repeat the cleaning process across the floor as per need.

Then, wipe down the floor with a soft cloth. To restore oil back into the floor, you should apply a small amount of hardwood oil to a clean cloth and wipe over the wood. Then, wipe off excess oil with clean cloths.

Polyurethane wood floors

Polyurethane surface is the most important wood floor type. It is the only floor finish that can be used about anywhere. There are three main types of polyurethane used on the hardwood floors which are water based, moisture cured, and oil modified. And, oil modified polyurethane is often applied over oil-based stains.

Wipe away sticky spills with a damp cloth and then you can dry the area with a clean & soft cloth. For the stubborn stain, use a glass cleaner to clean the floor. Never wet the mop, clean it with oil soap, and a coat with acyclic dressing. You should never use diluted vinegar to clean polyurethane; the acid can etch the finish and make it dull.

Waxed wood floors

Waxed floor need a bit more care than other surface finishes. Aside from routine vacuuming, there is a secret to clean waxed wood floors which is to use water as little as possible. For dust and debris cleaning, a dry mop or very stubborn damp can be used. Thus, use slightly warm water with soaps, ammonia, and detergents. Finally, soak used rags in water and then store in an airtight metal container; these used rags should be disposed of properly.


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Source: Things That You Need To Know About Caring Wood Floors