Do you want to add hair extensions in your friend’s wedding to get a beautiful look? Then you can get help from the best hair salon in Sydney if you take extension first time. Because of putting extension is not and simple task which everyone did it easily.

With the proper fitting of extension, you get the desire to look, but if the extension doesn’t fit properly, then it looks fake and tacky. Whenever you have a new extension, then it’s necessary to take care of your extension so that it gives you a long-lasting effect. Mostly, Hair Dresser Sydney gives hair extension with an important trick.

In this blog, we give you important tips for hair extension. It will help you to get a perfectly fitted hair extension.

How to Choose Hair Extensions?

From the expert advice, you can start your extension process by searching the best extension length. You should select hair extension which suits your face size and also check its range. Don’t overdo your budget for an extension because it is not one time process after you get it one time.

How to fit it?

Every hair extension comes with tape-in clip-in and bonded. You should fit it properly with the help of any friend or experts. For the perfect look, you can go with specially made clip-in which is easily available in the market.

What precautions take after getting an extension?

Whenever you get extension perfectly, don’t take a shower for 48 hours. If you go for bathing then always wear a shower cap so that your hair keep dry.

Generally, the Best Hairdresser Sydney suggests that when you brush your hair, you should do your task from bottom to the root. And also be careful while brushing because snags can affect your extension.

Use shampoo which is sulphate free and if you use natural products, then its best decision for your hair extension.

Use less conditioning product as per you thought it is enough for the length of your hair. Don’t apply condenser at the part where you fixed the hair extension.

Must use hair dryer wherever you take a shower it will improve your extension strength. When you use hair straighter, then it will help you to create a strong bond between real hair and extension. So, extra usage of a hairdryer and straighter good for your extension so keep uses it.

Before you get colouring to your hair, make sure your hairstylist know about your hair extension so that you get beautiful colouring effect.

Is hair extension given itching?

At the beginning of new hair extension you feel some itching but too tiny you can handle it with gentle care. Whenever your head used to with extension, itching can be gone — after first wash your itching completely gone because your shower and after drying process fixed the extension with your real hair. So enjoy your life with a new look as per your dream.

Summing up,

Here we give you useful tips for hair extension. Hopefully, this will help you in your regular life. But make sure your hair extension selection complete with the help from the Best Hairdresser Sydney.