If you want to enjoy a drink today, then it’s better to find the Best Pub Melbourne. The pubs are the most happening places in the city. After a stressful day at work, the pubs are the best places to relax and socialise with people.

The range of drinks and the atmosphere of the pub make the pub in Terminus Hotel the best pub of the town. It has got five bars with ample supply of wine and beers. The Carlton brewery is just some 400km away from the hotel and thus, they have got an ample supply of the finest Carlton Draught.

Along with this, you can order an unpasteurised beer for yourself and the company. ‘Happy Hours’ on Fridays is another aspect that makes the hotel best. One part of the income of Fridays goes to the people who are in dire need.

What makes a pub best in Melbourne?

A pub is an integral part of the culture in Australia like its vehicles and offices. There are many reasons that can make a pub the best pub Melbourne. Here follows some of the reasons:

  • The pub has to have a great stock of wines.
  • Ales should be large in number.
  • Pub should give the best services.
  • The attendants should be well informed about the wines and other drinks that they serve.
  • It should serve its customers all high quality products.
  • The management should be good enough.
  • The atmosphere of the pub should be amiable enough to attract customers.
  • They should have a good number of snacks served with the drinks.
  • A god music system playing in the background makes the pub experience a delightful one.
  • A good number of places to sit and relax are another important thing to make the pub the best one.

Some etiquette to be maintained in a pub

If you are visiting the best pub in Melbourne then you must be aware of the etiquettes that should be followed there. Here follows some of the etiquettes that are maintained in a pub:

  • In general, there is no particular table service in a pub. You will need to go to the bars and order your drink and get it from there only.
  • Pub purchases are generally made in cash. So get remain ready to pay the bar tender with cash only.
  • If it’s your turn to get served the bar tender will no doubt notice it. So don’t hurry up.
  • If you want to order any food with the drink, then you need to order it at the bar only. The food is served on the table.
  • Don’t whistle or make noises for food or drinks.
  • There is no need to offer tips to the bartender. That is against the etiquettes of the pub.


Drinking is a culture and holds a great esteem in various occasions. Whether it’s a business deal or proposing your special someone, whatever the occasion may be you need to buy a drink. From beer to cocktails, whatever your taste may be you can get them all in the best pub Melbourne.