It is said, “Shoes can reveal your personality type” and it is important you wear a right type of shoe piece for a right occasion. Researchers say, shoes can speak a lot about a person and if you want to know anything about a person you can get the idea by observing their shoes. Although, there are many factors that come into consideration while we go for buying a footwear such as current trend, occasion, dressing, comfort, and of course individual personality. Mostly, slip resistant shoes for men always become the first choice among men which can be a perfect match no matter what is the occasion; it simply delivers a “gentleman” look.

But, most people get overwhelmed when it comes to buying comfortable walking sandals for office. In corporate culture, it is important to wear a nice pair of shoes and dress well because your shoes can either make your corporate respect or break it. Not all shoes can be perfect for the work environment, and so shoes for the corporate event or for regular office should be chosen properly. Don’t misunderstand my words, I don’t say it should be expensive, branded, or trendy; what I mean to say is, choose a comfortable, simple yet elegant pair. Know how to choose & what to consider?

sandals for arthritic feet

Well, comfort comes first!

Comfort is anyhow the most important factor that you should consider while buying a footwear. Since you are going to spend 8 hours from the day in office so stability and comfort must be on the top while searching a right pair. Check to cushion because fabric or synthetic padding inside the shoe will guard your foot against strain and it can affect your foot muscles less by delivering comfortable walking.

Verify whether it fits you properly or not because if it is too large or too small then it can create shoe bites, or blisters so get the right fit which has at least a thumb’s space for finger movement. Buy correct width shoes in which your heel and ankle will not rub against the inside.

Do you love heels?

Ideally, you should avoid wearing heels for daily office wearing. If you cannot stay away from heels then you should buy 2-inch kitten heels which can be perfect for your health as well as office match. Heels more than 2 to 3 inches can cause pain and discomfort. Also, it can lead you to health problems. As an alternative, you can go for wedge heels as they can balance the pressure.

The design is also important!

For office culture, you should avoid shoes which straps, especially if it has ankle straps then it couldn’t work well. They can cause immense pain if you wear the whole day. Don’t purchase glittery shoes because it will reflect a bad impression on your colleagues. Never try to go for bright colours, stick to colours like black, grey, white, or blue.

Ending lines!

Best Comfortable Walking shoes

In the end, I would say slip resistant shoes for men or women can be a perfect match if you can invest in quality one, you should experiment no other footwear than this. I hope, you’ll find a right pair after this article consideration. Thanks! Be attractive!

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