If you have decided to make the home more attractive with the best deck in the garden, and if you are still thinking that whether you have to go for the silvertop ash decking Melbourne material or other? Then you should first inspect the material of the decking. What you can afford from any merbau decking Melbourne, either go for the silvertop or merbau or Ironbark material!!!

The contradictory opinions are also available, but from the myths, many people redirect their way towards the other material.  As soon as you get the deck material to understand the quality of that and built the deck according to that.

Merbau Decking Melbourne

Should you go with the composite or natural decking? The choice will affect the appearance and operation of the equipment throughout. There is a lot of misinformation in between to make the deck at your home. There are interesting myths related to the raw material of the deck.

Myths related to decking raw material:

#1: The decking wood needs a lot of maintenance

Naturally rot resistant woods, like the Silvertop Ash, require less care and maintenance than you think. It is true that you should remove dirt from the surface and between the boards from time to time, as well as clean the wooden deck as needed, but that’s it.

#2: The wood is very expensive

Domestic softwoods remain one of the most profitable cover options on the market.  They are durable and less expensive than a synthetic cover. And since composites manufacturers really try to imitate the natural beauty of wood.

#3: The other options are more ecological

Wood is the only construction material that is 100% renewable and sustainable. The untreated wood can be recycled at the end of its useful life. In comparison, composite material covers, including planks made from recycled materials, cannot be reused in any way after the shelf life of the platform ends.

#4: The beauty of the silvertop ash decking Melbourne material can be easily duplicated

Multiple national studies show that wood is still the best choice for roofing products. Nothing looks feels or smells like silvertop, although compound manufacturers continue to try in vain to duplicate the appearance of natural wood grains.

Merbau Decking

#5: Wood material is applying to forest land

The merbau is obtained from the most managed forests in a sustainable way in the world. As you want you can use the material in roofing as well, you will learn more about the characteristics of wood and better understand why it is the best choice for roofing or decking.


For more inspiration of outdoor living, browse the other options that are mostly used in making of the deck , and the material should be got by the best  merbau decking suppliers from Melbourne , and  don’t fall in the wrong advice or in the trap of the myths related to decking.