IPhone is brand that is very often looked upon as status symbol. Those who are using Apple iPhone have a blind loyalty towards this brand which even lead them to stand in long queues to get hold of one product.

There are mainly two iPhone that have gained quite popularity in the market and they are iPhone 6s plus 64 GB and iPhone 7 plus 16 GB.


Features of iPhone 6s plus of 64 GB

The network technology this iPhone consist of excellent GPRS system with edge facility. It was launched in the year 2014 and has gained much popularity since then. The size of the screen is 5.5 inch with a weight of 172 g. It has also got a good screen resolution of 1080*1920 pixels. The chipset is Apple A8 and the operating system is iOS 9 which can be upgraded to iOS 11.2.

The front camera quality is also good with five mega pixel and the quality of the rear camera is twelve mega pixels. Then smart phone is available in mainly three colours space grey, silver and gold. The storage capacity is 2 GB ram and it has the battery capacity of 2750 mAh.

Features of iPhone 7 plus 16 of GB

Another very in demand phone of today’s generation is the iPhone 7 plus 16 GB which has got a rear camera quality of 12 mega pixel and front camera quality of seven mega pixel. It has got storage of 3 GB ram. The power of the battery is 2900 mAh. This phone was released in 2016 and has gained much popularity since then.

It has got operating systems of iOS 10.0.1 which can be upgraded to iOS 11.2. It has also had the feature of ion strengthened glass and oleo phobic coating that serve as a protection purpose. The processor of the phone is a quad core processor and it has a resolution of the screen is 1080*1920 pixel.

What should a buyer select while buying an iPhone?

Making an investment in buying an IPhone is a big deal and one should make a thorough study of all the features before making any decision. Well if a person is going to buy an iPhone 7 plus 16 GB then there are certain advantages of them like that it has great performance.

Similarly the IPhone 6s plus also got great performance but when comparison was made between them it was seen that the iPhone 7 plus is more water resistance than iPhone 6s Plus.

Also both the products also vary when it comes to design and size. It has been noticed that iPhone 6s plus is slightly heavier that the iPhone 7 plus. There is also the factor of louder dual stereo loudspeakers which is better in iPhone 7 plus.



With a loyal customer base, Apple products are always in demand especially the iPhones. Buy an iPhone without looking into the specifications would not be very wise since they do not come cheap. Every iPhone qualities are more or less same except for certain minor details and storage facility. With each advent also the technology keeps getting upgraded and the camera quality increases.

Source : Features to be considered before buying an iPhone