Biarritz, Plateau, Eden, Leven, Punchbowl, Thumbprint, Redan, and Road are some of the other template holes that have influenced me. Lonsdale Links is an 18-hole links golf course in Point Lonsdale’s coastal dunes, surrounding the magnificent Lake Victoria.

The Bellarine Peninsula golf course, which was recently rebuilt, is now open for play. The redesigned layout takes advantage of the expansive views that can be seen from both the new and old holes. ‘Mulligans,’ a new practice range and the 6-hole par-3 course is also available.

A state-of-the-art Clubhouse, designed by Wood Marsh Architecture, complements the course. The building, which is situated on the crest of a hill, can be seen from a variety of perspectives, emerging above the trees as golfers navigate the Bellarine Peninsula Restaurant.

Bellarine Peninsula Restaurant

The Clubhouse is open to the public and features a lounge, separate restaurant, outdoor Kiosk, and children’s playground, making it a fun place for the whole family. The Golfers Lounge has an open fire and views of Lake Victoria at sunset. During daylight savings, the Kiosk serves food and drinks during the day, and a takeaway menu is available at night.

The golf course on the Bellarine Peninsula Restaurant has been renovated in the style of a bygone period. The Bellarine Peninsula golf course snakes over salt marshes and wetlands and expands out across coastal dunes beside the gorgeous Lake Victoria, with an intriguing layout unique to Australia. Lonsdale Links is a par-70 course with bouncy fairways, high winds, and tricky green complexes, making it suited for even the most experienced golfer.

The goal was to design a strategic course that would disclose more of itself with each round of golf ocean grove on the Bellarine Peninsula. The Bellarine golf course was created by Ogilvy Cocking Mead (OCM) as an intentional throwback with template holes throughout, drawing inspiration from trailblazer Charles Blair Macdonald and his associates Seth Raynor and Charles Banks.

Lonsdale Links incorporates elements of these designs and the holes that inspired them, such as the first hole, Alps, which offers panoramic views of Lake Victoria and pushes players to take on the dune off the tee to reach the first square green.

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These ardent golfers and friends desired a classic course with superb conditions and grass greens from the start because it would not only be accepted for personal usage but also serve as a tourist attraction, attracting golfers to the area. Then it was time for some strenuous physical labor.

Almost all of this was accomplished entirely via the efforts of these individuals and their friends and families. The job of cleaning and leveling the ground was started after a nine-hole course was mapped out. This steadfast group of town residents and vacation homes from all walks of life started out with one goal in mind: to build a prestigious golf course with top-notch playing facilities.

Along with eager would-be golfers, some horse-drawn equipment was used. The grass was put on the greens but took a long time to grow, so sand scrapes were built near each green to be utilized until the grass was sufficiently strong and ready.

Lonsdale Links (golf club Geelong Inc.) has undergone a complete course and Clubhouse redevelopment, as well as subdividing and selling land and purchasing neighboring acreage to extend onto, almost 100 years later. In December 2020, the reconstruction will be completed.